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1212001Right of Publicity versus Unauthorized Public Disclosure of Private FactsAndre AragonMore detail
1212001Does Golf Have Room for More Than One Champion? A Case NoteAndre L. AragonMore detail
1112000Solomon and in Vitro Fertilization: Characterization and Division of Embryos in the Case of DivorceAndrea FischerMore detail
1412004Griswold v. Connecticut: A Case BriefAndrea LockhartMore detail
1112000California's Answer to the Problem of Parental KidnappingAndrea LockhartMore detail
1112000Adult Adoption: A Comparison of New York and California LawAndy OsornoMore detail
162007Capitulate or Else: San Diego's Mandatory Mediation Process and Procedural FairnessAngel LawrenceMore detail
202012Judicial Findings on Marital Standard of LivingAngel LawrenceMore detail
1412004Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians v. HolyfieldAngela M. MonguiaMore detail
1412004Carey v. Population Services International: Minors' Rights to Access ContraceptivesAngela PattersonMore detail
1212001Why the United States Was Right: The Brief for "Use in Commerce" as the StandardAngelo GenovaMore detail
1212001Registrability of Stand-Alone Colors as TrademarksAnn DollMore detail
1212001Trademark Licensing: Quality ControlAnn E. DollMore detail
1212001Review Essay: Hyperlinks, Frames and MetatagsAnn E. DollMore detail
61995Conventionalization in the First Generation: A Community Acquires a LanguageAnn SenghasMore detail
1122001Holding-Up More Than Half the Sky: Marketization and the Status of Women in ChinaAnna M. HanMore detail
1122001Exploring Femism Globally to Acheive Global FeminismAnna M. HanMore detail
1212001Jack In The Box's Clownhead Antenna Ball: Famous Enough?Anna NgoMore detail
1212001The Right of Publicity: Is Something Dangerous Going on Here?Anna NgoMore detail
1212001Rights Conferred by Applying for Federal Mark RegistrationAnna NgoMore detail
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