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1122001The Fifth Black WomanDevon Carbado & Mitu GulatiMore detail
1212001Aromatique, Inc. v. Gold SealDiane RichardMore detail
182009The Fourteenth Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the (First) Criminal Procedure RevolutionDonald A. DrippsMore detail
182009Introduction: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights: What Have we Learned? Why Does It Matter?Donald A. DrippsMore detail
711996The Exclusivity of the Criminal Law: Toward a "Regulatory Model" of, or "Pathological Perspective" on, the Civil-Criminal DistinctionDonald DrippsMore detail
1212001Comparing Trademark Laws in the United States and JapanDoris NehmeMore detail
721996Religious Liberty as LibertyDouglas LaycockMore detail
192010Rumble of the Rums: The Battle Over "Havana Club"Dylan AsteMore detail
172008Should Law Schools Support Faculty Research?Edward RubinMore detail
1412004Caban v. MohammedElena IugaMore detail
172008Electronics and the Future of Law SchoolsEli M. NoamMore detail
1422005The Purposes of Framework LegislationElizabeth GarrettMore detail
101999Competency to Decide on Treatment and Research: MacArthur and BeyondElyn R. Saks & Stephen H. BehnkeMore detail
192010The Attribution Right, the Misappropriation Theory, and Dastar v. Twentieth Century FoxEmily GrantMore detail
192010Might Makes McRight: McDonald's Corporation's Trademark StrategyEmily GrantMore detail
91998The Limits of FeminismEmily L. SherwinMore detail
61995The Intuition of Justice: Its Processing in Psychoanalytic Therapy and ElsewhereEric RaynerMore detail
1212001Trademarks and the European Economic CommunityEric SedwickMore detail
1212001Ponderosa v. Wanda/RosaEric WelchMore detail
162007Should the Standards in "Move-Away" Cases Be Different for Sole and Joint Physical Custody?Erinn R. WegnerMore detail
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