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192010Should Congress Provide a PTO-Maintained Register for Famous Marks?Chris SclimentiMore detail
192010A Guide to e-Registration of a Mark Already in UseTheresa NguyenMore detail
192010Strategies for Responding to an Office Action Refusing Registration for a "Merely Descriptive" MarkMary MorenoMore detail
192010What Happens if I Can't Get Away with It? Disclaimer Law and PracticeBrandon MeyerMore detail
192010Other People's Names and FacesCharlie FuMore detail
192010Appealing Decisions of Stubborn Examining Attorneys: The Path of Ex Parte Appeal to the TTAB and Federal CircuitTodd SchneiderMore detail
192010Alternatives to Opposition for Attacks on Registrability of an ITU MarkJames AbeMore detail
192010Application Strategies for Concurrent-Use RegistrationSean FlahertyMore detail
192010Where to Go with a TTAB Final Decision: Two OptionsKelly LeeMore detail
192010Trademarks as Components of GoodwillMegan BartkowskiMore detail
192010How to Properly Celebrate a Trademark Registration's Fifth Birthday!Nathan BearMore detail
192010In re Save Venice: When Ownership of an "Incontestable" Mark Won't Help You OutLaura SlezingerMore detail
192010Cancellation of Generic Incontestable MarksJoni BorzcikMore detail
192010Do or Die: Genericide PreventionAnthony W. SilvaMore detail
192010One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: Concurrent Use, Assignment, and Licensing of TrademarksMary MorenoMore detail
192010Requirements for Licensing Trademarks in a Company's Territorial ExpansionDaniel BrookerMore detail
192010Planning for the Assignment of a Lanham Act MarkYe HuaMore detail
192010Assignments of Property Rights in Medical Practices: An Illustration of Trademark Assignment PrinciplesJoe ColeMore detail
192010Property of the Estate: Trademarks in Bankruptcy ProceedingsSondra LevineMore detail
192010Protecting a Trademark Licensee's Rights from Rejection in the Licensor's Bankruptcy ProceedingsAlexander PapaefthimiouMore detail
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