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61995The Biological Bases of Social AttunementW. John SmithMore detail
61995Contracts of Mutual Understanding: Negotiating Meanings and Moral Sentiments with InfantsColwyn TrevarthenMore detail
61995Marching Bandwidth: Advancing Information Exchange at Stability's ExpenseThomas W. TempleMore detail
61995Travel Guide to Cyberspace 2020: Simulated InstructionsLaurence J. VictorMore detail
61995Representation of the Dynamic Elements of Signs: Issues in the Development of the Multimedia Dictionary of American Sign LanguageS. Wilcox and J. ScheibmanMore detail
61995The Generation of Standards of Form Within Communication Systems Over Different TimespansJ. Singleton, J. Morford & S. MeadowMore detail
61995Conventionalization in the First Generation: A Community Acquires a LanguageAnn SenghasMore detail
61995Ritual, Rule and Cognitive SchemeChristina TorenMore detail
71The Civil-Criminal DistinctionMore detail
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