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1412004Carey v. Population Services International: Minors' Rights to Access ContraceptivesAngela PattersonMore detail
1412004Plyler v. DoeLizzette HerreraMore detail
1412004The Fourth Amendment Rights of Children in the Public School SystemKristine AltonMore detail
1412004DeShaney v. Winnebago County DDSDaniel EdberMore detail
1412004A Constitutional Enough Bypass ProcedureLyndsey FibusMore detail
1412004Maryland v. Craig: Public Policy Trumps Constitutional GuaranteesAmy LjungdahlMore detail
1412004Reno v. ACLU: Parental Rights, Children's Rights, or Parens Patriae?T. Jesse HindmanMore detail
1322004Symposium on Direct Democracy: IntroductionGail HeriotMore detail
1322004Preferences, Priorities, and PlebiscitesLynn A. BakerMore detail
1322004The Character of Direct DemocracySherman J. ClarkMore detail
1322004Direct Democracy and DebtClayton P. GilletteMore detail
1322004Direct Democracy and the Protestant EthicMarci A. HamiltonMore detail
1322004Rousseau and Direct Democracy (with a Note on the Supreme Court's Term Limits Decision)Nelson LundMore detail
1322004Subversion of the Many by the Few: Some Scientific Evidence on the Initiative ProcessJohn G. MatsusakaMore detail
1322004Popular Initiatives and American Federalism, Or Putting Direct Democracy In Its PlaceMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
1322004Comments on Baker, Clark, and Direct DemocracyRichard L. HasenMore detail
1322004Comments on the Initiative Industry: The New Kid on the Block or an Old Friend?M. Dane WatersMore detail
1322004A Survey of the Single Subject Rule as Applied to Statewide InitiativesRachael Downey, Michelle Hargrove, Vanessa LocklinMore detail
1312003Introduction to the Conference on Legal TransitionsLarry AlexanderMore detail
1312003Legal Transitions: Some Welfarist RemarksMatthew D. AdlerMore detail
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