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1422005Lost in Translation: Social Choice Theory is Misapplied Against Legislative IntentArthur Lupia & Mathew D. McCubbinsMore detail
1422005The Judicary Is A They, Not An It: Interpretative Theory and the Fallacy of DivisionArian VermeuleMore detail
1422005"Is There a Text in this Class?" The Conflict Between Textualism and AntitrustDaniel A. Farber and Brett H. McDonnellMore detail
1422005Canonical Construction and Statutory Revisionism: The Strange Case of the Appropriations CanonMathew D. McCubbins & Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
1422005The Purposes of Framework LegislationElizabeth GarrettMore detail
1422005Statutes That Are Not Static--The Case of the APAPeter L. StraussMore detail
1422005The Tyranny of Choice and the Rulification of StandardsFrederick SchauerMore detail
1412004Michael H. v. Gerald D. Sharon SmithMore detail
1412004ForewordPaul HortonMore detail
1412004Shaping the American Family by Inaction: The United States Constitution and "The Family," 1788-1920Rebecca CorrowMore detail
1412004The Domestic Relations Exception to Diversity Jurisdiction: Spousal Support Enforcement in the Federal CourtsTravis GrantMore detail
1412004United States v. Morrison: Sex, Violence, and the Reach of Federal PowerPhillip HankersleyMore detail
1412004Griswold v. Connecticut: A Case BriefAndrea LockhartMore detail
1412004Dandridge v. Williams: The Supreme Court and Acceptable Family SizeKirstin Andreasen More detail
1412004Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas and the Meaning of "Family"Alyson TaubMore detail
1412004Moore v. City of East Cleveland: the Supreme Court's Fractured Paean to the Extended FamilyPala HerseyMore detail
1412004Bowers v. Hardwick: A Half-Baked Case Yields a Less than Well-Done OpinionAmy LjungdahlMore detail
1412004Lawrence v. Texas: One Small Step for Gay Rights; One Giant Leap for LibertyKirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Did Loving v. Virginia Need Its Slippery Slope?Kirstin AndreasenMore detail
1412004Turner v. SafleyBret A. BartolottaMore detail
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