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TitleCalifornia Spousal Support Enforcement
Author(s)Steve Escalera
First Page307
AbstractSometimes a marriage comes to a bitter end. The parties can?t seem to agree on anything, and fight long battles in the courtroom where a judge must decide the parties? fate. Even after the judge?s final decision, the couple?s animosity towards each other may continue.
Noncompliance with court orders relating to support is a frequent post- divorce issue. The obligor spouse who retaliates by not paying court ordered spousal support may succeed in angering the other spouse, only to discover unintended and serious consequences. The California Family Code is very specific in the enforcement procedures it makes available to the obligee spouse to enforce the court?s support order. Wage assignment, fines, and even jail time may result if the obligor persists in not paying what is due his or her former spouse.