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TitleIn re Marriage of Leib: The Supported Spouse as Unmarried Cohabitant
Author(s)Daniel Lieb
First Page301
AbstractAbsent contrary agreement, remarriage of California ex-spouse terminates the other ex-spouse?s support obligation. But the swinging lifestyle is tolerated here, and many a supported ex-spouse have succumbed to the temptation of simply living with lover without benefit of [re]marriage so those alimony checks can keep on coming. And more than a few supporting ex-spouses have chafed under the yoke of an order to contribute hard-earned cash, month after month, to the maintenance of an ex?s real or suspected love nest. In re Marriage of Leib is California?s leading case exploring the problem from the supporting spouse?s point of view. This article examines the In re Marriage of Leib case.