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TitleAlimony Awards for Petitioners
Author(s)Amanda Ruiz
First Page103
AbstractIn 1970, California became the first state in the nation to abolish the concept of fault in divorce proceedings through its adoption of the California Family Law Act.1 Traditional grounds for fault required for divorce?such as adultery, cruelty or desertion?were replaced by an ?irreconcilable differences? standard.2 When the fault rationale for alimony was discontinued, economic rationales emerged as the basis for alimony awards.3 As a result, the link between seeking a divorce and claiming an alimony award has transformed over the past few decades as the identity of the petitioner and her economic circumstances have changed. As each spouse?s income and educational level become more equalized in marriage, I believe that the number of alimony awards will continue to decrease and the type of petitioners who seek alimony will continue to change.