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TitleHow Ubiquitous Are Alimony Awards? A Call for Current Data
Author(s)Kiley Morgan
First Page95
AbstractAlimony, especially after the emergence of no-fault divorce, has been a highly controversial and contentious topic. Yet systematic study of the incidence of alimony awards?and, more generally, of the number of divorces involving a legal obligation of one ex-spouse to support the other?seems nonexistent for the last 20 years. Are courts awarding alimony in some amount and duration in practically every contested divorce, or are alimony awards seldom made, or does truth lie somewhere in the middle? To what extent does the answer to this question depend on the state, the county, the courthouse, perhaps even the particular judge? More than anecdotal evidence provided by disgruntled alimony payors and recipients and by biased reformers is needed to support contemporary alimony reform and to assess reforms recently enacted.