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General Journal Information

General Journal Information

Frequency: Annually
Vol/Issue No. for 2014-2015: 7 (on-line only)
Latest Vol/Issue Published: Vol. 6

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Walters

No. of Issues per Volume: 1
Country of Publication: USA
Advertising Accepted: Yes
Languages of Publication: English

Electronic Availability: LEXIS, Westlaw, EBSCO, Hein
Supplements: Not Published

Expiration Dates: Dec. 1 To Nov. 30
Cancellations: Not Accepted Mid-Term
Claims: Six Month Limit
E-Mail Claims To: Brigid Bennett

Domestic Rates: Check with Hein/EBSCO
Foreign Rates: Check with Hein/EBSCO
Payment Currency: U.S. Dollar
Discounts: Check with Hein/EBSCO
Euro Conversion: Check with Hein/EBSCO
Payment Method: Check with Hein/EBSCO

Beginning with Volume 7, the San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law will only publish online.  If you wish to obtain a hard copy of the volume, please contact EBSCO or William S. Hein Co. for a copy and price quotes. 


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