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1December2009First Annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium: Federal Preemption or State Prerogative: California in the Face of National Climate Policy An IntroductioRichard J. LazarusMore detail
1December2009Consumers versus Contracts: Morgan Stanley, Maine, and the Mobile-Sierra DoctrineBrent AllenMore detail
1December2009It’s Getting Hot in Herre: California Senate Bill 1368 and the Dormant Commerce ClauseAndrew F. AdamsMore detail
1December2009Climate Adaptation and Federalism: Mapping the IssuesDaniel A. FarberMore detail
1December2009Decentralizing Cap-and-Trade? The Question of State StringencyAlice KaswanMore detail
1December2009Regional Climate Regulation: From State Competition to State CollaborationLesley K. McAllisterMore detail
1December2009The Clean Water Act and Power Plant Cooling Water Intake StructuresJohn H. MinanMore detail
1December2009Climate Law and Policy in North America: Prospects for RegionalismNeil Craik and Joseph F.C. DimentoMore detail
1December2009The History of State Action in the Environmental Realm: A Presumption Against Preemption in Climate Change Law?Victor FlattMore detail
1December2009State Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Federal Climate Change Legislation, and the Preemption SwordWilliam W. BuzbeeMore detail
1December2009Energy Efficiency and FederalismAnn E. CarlsonMore detail
2December2010The Effects of Brazilian Agricultural Property Policies and international Pressures on the Soybean Industry: Incentives for Amazon Deforestation and How it May be ReducedTyler E. HazenMore detail
2December2010An Environmental Competition StatuteDavid M. DriesenMore detail
2December2010Looking Back to Move Forward: Revisiting the Btu in Evaluating Current Policy AlternativesWalter WangMore detail
2December2010How to Love the One You're With: Changing Tax Policy to Fit Cap-and-TradeRoberta MannMore detail
2December2010Federal Greenhouse Gas Control Options from an Enforcement PerspectiveScott Schang & Teresa ChanMore detail
2December2010Adapting to Climate Change with Law That Bends Without BreakingHolly DoremusMore detail
2December2010Climate Change Law in and Over TimeRichard J. LazarusMore detail
2December2010Enforcing Cap-and-Trade: A Tale of Two ProgramsLesley K. McAllisterMore detail
3April2012Regulation, Climate Change, and the Electric GridDavid B. SpenceMore detail
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