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3April2012Space Commercialization: The Need to Immediately Renegotiate Treaties Implicating International Environmental LawAlexander G. DavisMore detail
3April2012Energy and Animals: A History of ConflictAlexandra B. KlassMore detail
1December2009Decentralizing Cap-and-Trade? The Question of State StringencyAlice KaswanMore detail
1December2009It’s Getting Hot in Herre: California Senate Bill 1368 and the Dormant Commerce ClauseAndrew F. AdamsMore detail
1December2009Energy Efficiency and FederalismAnn E. CarlsonMore detail
1December2009Consumers versus Contracts: Morgan Stanley, Maine, and the Mobile-Sierra DoctrineBrent AllenMore detail
4May2013South Africa’s Electricity Crisis: The Need to Reconcile Environmental Policy Decisions with International TreatiesBrittany D. BotterillMore detail
3April2012ForewordDan HuaMore detail
1December2009Climate Adaptation and Federalism: Mapping the IssuesDaniel A. FarberMore detail
3April2012Regulation, Climate Change, and the Electric GridDavid B. SpenceMore detail
2December2010An Environmental Competition StatuteDavid M. DriesenMore detail
3April2012Administrative Absurdity: Why the Judiciary Should Uphold EPA's Use of the Administrative Necessity and Absurd Results Doctrines Within the Tailoring RuleDavid P. VincentMore detail
4May2013Community-Scale Renewable EnergyHannah J. Wiseman & Sara C. BroninMore detail
2December2010Adapting to Climate Change with Law That Bends Without BreakingHolly DoremusMore detail
4May2013Harmonizing Distributed Energy and the Endangered Species ActJ.B. RuhlMore detail
3April2012Clean Energy and the Price Preemption CeilingJim RossiMore detail
4May2013Who Regulates the Smart Grid?: FERC’s Authority Over Demand Response Compensation in Wholesale Electricity MarketsJoel B. EisenMore detail
1December2009The Clean Water Act and Power Plant Cooling Water Intake StructuresJohn H. MinanMore detail
3April2012The Politics of Clean Energy: Moving Beyond the BeltwayJoseph P. TomainMore detail
4May2013The Emergence of Natural Gas and the Need for Cooperative Federalism to Address a Big “Fracking” ProblemJoshua P. DennisMore detail
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