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Author(s)Dan Hua
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AbstractOn April 15, 2011, the San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law and the Energy Policy Initiatives Center co-hosted the Third Annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium. The Symposium examined various emerging law and policy approaches to encourage clean energy. Clean energy refers to the diverse set of technologies that can help meet our needs for energy while limiting its impact on the environment. Undoubtedly, shifting to cleaner energy is an essential task for mitigating climate change; however, that position does not operate in a legal or policy vacuum.

At the Symposium, panels consisting of legal and policy experts from across the country addressed and debated a variety of key issues including the coordination of state and federal roles in the clean energy sector, the design of policies and markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the balance between energy and environmental protection. The Symposium also brought together clean energy researchers, sustainability experts, industry leaders, and top government officials. Keynote speakers included Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Karen Douglas, Commissioner and Former Chairman of the California Energy Commission. The articles that follow this Foreword address many of the critical issues presented at the Symposium.