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1December2009First Annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium: Federal Preemption or State Prerogative: California in the Face of National Climate Policy An IntroductioRichard J. LazarusMore detail
1December2009Energy Efficiency and FederalismAnn E. CarlsonMore detail
1December2009State Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Federal Climate Change Legislation, and the Preemption SwordWilliam W. BuzbeeMore detail
1December2009The History of State Action in the Environmental Realm: A Presumption Against Preemption in Climate Change Law?Victor FlattMore detail
1December2009Regional Climate Regulation: From State Competition to State CollaborationLesley K. McAllisterMore detail
1December2009Decentralizing Cap-and-Trade? The Question of State StringencyAlice KaswanMore detail
1December2009The Clean Water Act and Power Plant Cooling Water Intake StructuresJohn H. MinanMore detail
1December2009Climate Law and Policy in North America: Prospects for RegionalismNeil Craik and Joseph F.C. DimentoMore detail
1December2009Climate Adaptation and Federalism: Mapping the IssuesDaniel A. FarberMore detail
1December2009It’s Getting Hot in Herre: California Senate Bill 1368 and the Dormant Commerce ClauseAndrew F. AdamsMore detail
1December2009Consumers versus Contracts: Morgan Stanley, Maine, and the Mobile-Sierra DoctrineBrent AllenMore detail
2December2010Enforcing Cap-and-Trade: A Tale of Two ProgramsLesley K. McAllisterMore detail
2December2010Climate Change Law in and Over TimeRichard J. LazarusMore detail
2December2010Adapting to Climate Change with Law That Bends Without BreakingHolly DoremusMore detail
2December2010Federal Greenhouse Gas Control Options from an Enforcement PerspectiveScott Schang & Teresa ChanMore detail
2December2010How to Love the One You're With: Changing Tax Policy to Fit Cap-and-TradeRoberta MannMore detail
2December2010Looking Back to Move Forward: Revisiting the Btu in Evaluating Current Policy AlternativesWalter WangMore detail
2December2010An Environmental Competition StatuteDavid M. DriesenMore detail
2December2010The Effects of Brazilian Agricultural Property Policies and international Pressures on the Soybean Industry: Incentives for Amazon Deforestation and How it May be ReducedTyler E. HazenMore detail
3April2012ForewordDan HuaMore detail
3April2012State Renewable Portfolio Standards: Is There a "Race" and Is It "To the Top"?Lincoln L. DaviesMore detail
3April2012Why Not a Regional Approach to State Renewable Power Mandates?Kirsten H. EngelMore detail
3April2012Solar Energy Development on the Federal Public Lands: Environmental Trade-Offs on the Road to a Lower-Carbon FutureRobert L. GlicksmanMore detail
3April2012Energy and Animals: A History of ConflictAlexandra B. KlassMore detail
3April2012Port and Coastal State Control of Atmospheric Pollution from Merchant VesselsMichael W. ReedMore detail
3April2012Clean Energy and the Price Preemption CeilingJim RossiMore detail
3April2012Regulation, Climate Change, and the Electric GridDavid B. SpenceMore detail
3April2012The Politics of Clean Energy: Moving Beyond the BeltwayJoseph P. TomainMore detail
3April2012Effective Renewable Energy Policy: Leave It to the States?Steven WeissmanMore detail
3April2012Space Commercialization: The Need to Immediately Renegotiate Treaties Implicating International Environmental LawAlexander G. DavisMore detail
3April2012Administrative Absurdity: Why the Judiciary Should Uphold EPA's Use of the Administrative Necessity and Absurd Results Doctrines Within the Tailoring RuleDavid P. VincentMore detail
4May2013Legal, Technical, and Economic Challenges in Integrating Renewable Power Generation Into the Electricity GridTimothy P. Duane & Kiran H. GriffithMore detail
4May2013Who Regulates the Smart Grid?: FERC’s Authority Over Demand Response Compensation in Wholesale Electricity MarketsJoel B. EisenMore detail
4May2013Expedited Approval of Energy Projects: Toward Assessing the Forms of Procedural ReliefMichael B. GerrardMore detail
4May2013Harmonizing Distributed Energy and the Endangered Species ActJ.B. RuhlMore detail
4May2013Waste Not, Want Not: Landfill Gas to Energy Projects, Climate Change, and the Clean Air ActKatherine A. TrisoliniMore detail
4May2013Community-Scale Renewable EnergyHannah J. Wiseman & Sara C. BroninMore detail
4May2013Climate Change Disputes at the World Trade Organization: National Energy Policies and International Trade LiabilityNilmini Silva-SendMore detail
4May2013South Africa’s Electricity Crisis: The Need to Reconcile Environmental Policy Decisions with International TreatiesBrittany D. BotterillMore detail
4May2013The Emergence of Natural Gas and the Need for Cooperative Federalism to Address a Big “Fracking” ProblemJoshua P. DennisMore detail
5June2014Climate Change and Environmental Justice: Lessons from the California LawsuitsAlice KaswanMore detail
5June2014Electric Power Resource "Shuffling" and Subnational Carbon Regulation: Looking Upstream for a SolutionJim Rossi & Andrew J.D. SmithMore detail
5June2014A Climate Change Lens on the Dormant Commerce Clause, Lifecycle GHG Taxes, and In-State RPSS RequirementsMichael Barsa & David A. DanaMore detail
5June2014Carbonite Legal Conflict in CaliforniaSteven FerreyMore detail
5June2014Energy Policy, Extraterritoriality, and the Dormant Commerce ClauseAlexandra B. Klass & Elizabeth HenleyMore detail
5June2014The Lacey Act Amendments of 2008: The World's First Ban on Illegal Logging Combats Deforestation But Gets Stumped by Foreign LawsYijin J. LeeMore detail
5June2014She Sells Seawalls Down by the SeashoreTricia LeeMore detail
6June2015California Challenges & Vulnerabilities of the New Business Model Design for PowerSteven FerreyMore detail
6June2015Promoting Clean Reliable Energy Through Smart Technologies and Policies: Lessons from Three Distributed Energy Case StudiesSamantha Ruiz, Katie R. Thomas & Kevin B. JonesMore detail
6June2015Energy Consumption Data: The Key to Improved Energy EfficiencyAlexandra B. Klass & Elizabeth J. WilsonMore detail
6June2015Solar Energy, Utilities, and FairnessTroy A. RuleMore detail
6June2015Getting to Utility 2.0: Rebooting the Retail Electric Utility in the U.S.James M. Van NostrandMore detail
6June2015Electric Utilities and Distributed Energy Resources–Opportunities and ChallengesJeff WinmillMore detail
6June2015Climate Change & The Public Trust Doctrine: An Analysis of Atmospheric Trust LitigationKassandra CastilloMore detail
6June2015“Green” Performance: The Future of Performance-Based Executive Compensation?Ben SchwefelMore detail
7June2016A "Switching Costs" Approach: EPA's Clean Power Plan as a Model for Allocating the Burden of Carbon Reductions Among NationsMichael Barsa & David DanaMore detail
7June2016Subnational Discretion Mediating New Climate Regulatory ChallengesSteven FerreyMore detail
7June2016Carbon Pricing Initiatives in Western North America: Blueprint for Global Climate Change PolicyNancy ShurtzMore detail
7June2016Clever Titles and Insurance Don't Mix: How Dodging Liability Will Allow Insurance Companies to Become a Major Player in Climate Change Law and Policy ReformSamantha DailyMore detail
7June2016The Dirty Effects of Clean Energy Technology: Supportive Regulations to Promote Recycling of Lithium Ion Vehicle BatteriesLiz HarlandMore detail
8June2017Planning for the Sun to Come Up: How Nevada and California Explain the Future of Net MeteringMark James, Ashleigh H. Krick, & Kelsey R. BainMore detail
8June2017Quick Fixes or Real Remedies? The Benefits and Limitations of Climate and Energy Fast PolicyMelissa Powers, Edward Jewell, & Joni SligerMore detail
8March2017Moving the Legal Needle of Western Climate and Energy OptionsSteven FerreyMore detail
8June2017From Top-Down to Bottom-Up Climate Policy: New Challenges in Carbon Market DesignJonas MonastMore detail
8June2017DO Mess With Texas. . .? Why Rolling Easements May Provide a Solution to the Loss of Public Breaches Due to Climate Change-Induced Landward Coastal MigrationCarolyn GinoMore detail
8June2017Discretion Bites: The Current State of Animal Emergency PlanningPaige ChretienMore detail