Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the San Diego International Law Journal ("SDILJ ") website. The SDILJ is a student-run academic journal devoted entirely to articles addressing pertinent and pressing issues of international and comparative law which is published semiannually. The SDILJbegan in 1999 in order to provide a forum for international, comparative, and foreign legal scholarship. The journal solicits academic and practical submissions written on a broad range of issues by professors, practitioners, judges, politicians, and LLM students from throughout the world.

As a journal that is published in San Diego, an American hub for global activity, international legal developments are particularly relevant to our community. The SDILJencourages submissions pertaining to US-Mexico relations, the environment, immigration, investment, trade and the law of the sea as well as other topics regarding current international legal issues.

Selection to the SDILJ is highly competitive. Members are chosen based on successful completion of the SDILJ annual writing competition. Currently, the SDILJ consists of 39 provisional members and 18 editors. First-year members are required to write a 40-page comment, as well as provide assistance to the editorial board through research and cite-checking.

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Brett Crowell
Volume 17


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