Annual Write-On Competition

How does the San Diego International Law Journal select its members?

Full-time students entering their second or third year and part-time students entering their fourth year are eligible to compete to join the San Diego International Law Journal (ILJ). To be considered for membership, students must participate in ILJ's write-on competition.

What is the write-on competition?

The write-on competition is a cooperative effort between ILJ, the San Diego Law Review and the San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law that enables interested students to apply to all three journals at the same time. The competition consists of a legal problem that each competitor must analyze and address. Each eligible competitor is provided with a copy of the problem and copies of all the relevant statutes, cases and other sources of law. No additional research is allowed. Students then prepare briefs, no longer than ten pages in length, that address the relevant legal issues involved in the problem. Students must also perform a citation edit using The Bluebook. Grading of the write-on competition is completely anonymous, and selection onto ILJ is entirely merit-based. All competitors must do their own work and shall not confer with other competitors about the write-on problem. Cooperative efforts will be deemed honor code violations and will be reported as such.

How many people will ILJ accept through the write-on competition?

The number is not predetermined. However, ILJ usually accepts 25 to 30 students each year.

Can I gain acceptance to ILJ after my second year?

Yes. Third-year full-time and fourth-year part-time students can also participate in the write-on competition as long as they do not plan on graduating early or studying abroad during the following fall and spring semesters.

Transfer Student write-on competition

Writing Competition Download: Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at noon PDT. All participating students will have access to the competition site on TWEN where procedural questions may be asked and will be answered.  Substantive or irrelevant questions will not be answered.  Competitors may not discuss any aspect of the competition with anyone once the materials are distributed.  The Honor Code governs the competition, and any violation will result in disqualification from consideration.  

Writing Competition Upload: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, between 5 p.m and 8 p.m. PDT.  NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED BEFORE OR AFTER THIS TIME.  We encourage students to visit our TWEN site because all the writing competition information is posted there. The course name is “2017 Write-On Competition for SDLR, ILJ & JCEL.”

General Competition Information: 

Important Dates

Writing Competition Informational Meetings: 

     March 21, 2017, 12-12:50 p.m., Warren Hall 131.

    April 2017, TBA.

Writing Competition Pick-up: May 11, 2017, 2-2:30 p.m., Legal Research Center room 132, (doors lock at 2:30 p.m. sharp). Students who cannot be present for the May 12 pick-up must email by May 9, at 9 p.m. to arrange for an anonymous identification number and access to the materials at the same time. 

Drop-off: May 19, 2017 between 6:30 and 8 p.m., Legal Research Center room 132 (doors lock at 8 p.m. sharp). 
We encourage students to visit our TWEN site because all the writing competition information is posted there. The course name is “2017 Write-On Competition for SDLR, ILJ & JCEL.”


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