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63July1969The United Nations and the Bed of the SeaClark M. EichelbergerMore detail
63July1969Consideration of Anticipatory Uses in Decisions on Coastal DevelopmentDaniel WilkesMore detail
61January1969Criminal Law at the International BorderJosph A. MilchenMore detail
61January1969Control and Treatment of Narcotic Addicts: Civil Commitment in CaliforniaSherry EckhardtMore detail
61January1969AntitrustPeter K. NunezMore detail
61January1969Juvenile JusticeEdward J. Pulaski, Jr.More detail
61January1969TortsEdward D. LaPlountMore detail
61January1969TortsRichard Alan BermanMore detail
61January1969Ison: The Forensic LotteryA. Kendall Wood IIIMore detail
61January1969An Analysis of Terry v. Ohio and It’s Implications Upon The California Law of "Stop and Frisk"Judith N. KeepMore detail
61January1969Bankruptcy: Enforcing a Chapter XIII Wage Earner’s Plan Over the Objection of a Secured CreditorDonald BollesMore detail
61January1969Draft Card Burning Denied Symbolic Speech Protection Under Governmental Interest RationaleJames R. GoodwinMore detail
61January1969Prior Inconsistent Statements as an Exception to the Hearsay Rule: An Analysis of People v. JohnsonKenneth GleasonMore detail
61January1969Workmen’s Compensation: Recovery Under the Positional Risk Doctrine for Personally Motivated AssaultsSteven E. BriggsMore detail
62May1969An Address: The Constitution and the Dilemma of HistoricismRoger S. RuffinMore detail
62May1969Perspectives on Perennial ProblemsJoseph A. DarbyMore detail
62May1969The Voiceprint Technique: Its Structure and ReliabilityBernard S. KamineMore detail
62May1969How Big a House of Cards? Private Actions and Insiders Under Rule 10b-5Steven E. Briggs & Donald BollesMore detail
62May1969Bankruptcy: Enjoining Employers from Discharging Employees Because of Chapter XIII Wage Deduction OrderKenneth GleasonMore detail
62May1969Parent Child Immunity: The Case for AbolitionChristine V. PateMore detail
62May1969Tax Impact of a Transfer of a Bad Debt Reserve to a Controlled Corporation: An Analysis of Schuster v. CommissionerEdward J. Pulaski, Jr.More detail
62May1969Eminent DomainPhillip A. DeMassaMore detail
62May1969NegligencePatrick J. Hennessey, Jr. More detail
62May1969TortsRichard Alan BermanMore detail
71January1970TortsSusan Parry FinlayMore detail
71January1970Workmen's CompensationWilliam C. PateMore detail
71January1970In Memoriam: Brigadier William J. MillerUnknownMore detail
71January1970Implementation of Kellett’s Command: Joinder of Misdemeanors and Felonies in Superior CourtRichard H. BeinMore detail
71January1970Trustee’s Power: The Power to Sell Includes the Power to Option Michael H. DessentMore detail
71January1970To Plea or Not to Plea: The Question Posed by Federal Rule 11Napoleon A. Jones, Jr.More detail
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