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155August1978A Brief Comment on Motivation and Impact Michael Perry More detail
245September1987A California Juvenile's Right to Trial by Jury: An Issue Now Overripe for ConsiderationCarol R. BerryMore detail
211December1983A Child is a Child - Or Is It? Legitimation Under Foreign Law and Its ImmigrationSana LoueMore detail
265September1989A Choice of Choice: Adding Postaccident Choice to the Menu of No-Fault ModelsCraig BrownMore detail
214July1984A Common Sense Approach to Understanding Statistical EvidenceDavid W. BarnesMore detail
252March1988A Comparative Study of the Legal Rights and Duties of Lawful Aliens in the United States and the People's Republic of ChinaJames Kraus & Wang HuijunMore detail
221January1985A Comparison of the Merger and Acquisition Provisions of Present Law with the Provisions in the Senate Finance Committee's Draft BillSamuel C. Thompson Jr. & Martin D. GinsburgMore detail
271January1990A Comprehensive Assessment of Employment Drug Testing: Legal Battles Over Delicate InterestsStephen PlassMore detail
153April1978A Constitution for the Oceans: Comments and Suggestions Regarding Part XI of the Informal Composite Negotiating Text Elisabeth Mann Borgese More detail
303August1993A Critical Analysis of Joint Board Policy at the Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionFrank P. DarrMore detail
332May1996A Critical Review of the Local Rules of the United States Distrcit Court for the Southern District of CaliforniaWalter N. HeiserMore detail
184July1981A Criticism of the Gertz Public Figures/Private Figure Test in the Context of Corporate Defamation PlaintiffJohn HilbertMore detail
181December1980A Critique of the Establishment of a Specialized Immigration CourtTimothy S. BarkerMore detail
411February2004A Crowded House: Socioeconomics (and Other) Additions to the Law School and Economics CurriculaThomas S. UlenMore detail
82March1971A Current Analysis of the Usury Laws: A National View Robert P. LowellMore detail
461February2009A Downwind View of the Cathedral: Using Rule Four to Allocate Wind RightsTroy RuleMore detail
261January1989A Draftsman's Wishes That He Could Do Things Over Again - U.C.C. Article 9Homer KripkeMore detail
284November1991A Foreign Investor's Guide to the Environmental Legal Regime of Hong KongFerheen MahomedMore detail
274November1990A Free Trade Agreement Between the United States and Mexico: The Right Choice?Jesus Silva & Richard K. DunnMore detail
123May1975A Funny Thing Happened to the Common Heritage on the Way to the SeaAaron L. DanzigMore detail
284November1991A Guide for Foreign Investors to Environmental Laws in the United StatesScott H. PetersMore detail
374November2000A Guide to Challenging Option RepricingAmanda K. EsquibelMore detail
175November1980A Guide to Obtaining Required Regulatory Approvals for New Industrial Facilities in CaliforniaBruce A. Beckman & Michael W. PrairieMore detail
284November1991A Guide to the Environmental Legal Regime of Singapore for Foreign InvestorsDeborah L. BlumMore detail
103May1973A Harbinger: The Senkaku IslandsThomas R. RaglandMore detail
364November1999A Jurisprudence in Disarray: On Battery, Wrongful Living, and the Right to Bodily IntegrityMark StrasserMore detail
73July1970A Legal Regime for Deep Sea MiningJohn L. MeroMore detail
481February2011A Letter to Professor Fred Zacharias's Sons in Memory of Their FatherAnne LukingbealMore detail
394November2002A Liberty Not Fully Evolved?: The Case of Rodney LeVake and the Right of Public School Teachers to Criticize DarwinismFrancis J. BeckwithMore detail
481February2011A ListFrank PartnoyMore detail
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