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71January1970ParoleMichael V. MillsMore detail
71January1970Constitutional LawAnthony LovettMore detail
71January1970Constitutional LawEdward I. MearsMore detail
71January1970Criminal LawLouis N. Saunders, Jr. More detail
81January1971Action for Consumers Hubert H. HumphreyMore detail
81January1971The Department of Transportation and the ConsumerJohn A. VolpeMore detail
81January1971Corporate Responsibility and Product Safety James S. TurnerMore detail
81January1971The Impact of Consumerism on the MarketColston E. WarneMore detail
81January1970Consumer Protection, Information and Education: A Country's View John A. OcchiogrossoMore detail
81January1971Consumer Fraud and the San Diego District Attorney's Office M. James LorenzMore detail
81January1971Current Efforts in Consumer Protection in the Business-Investment Area H. Warren SiegelMore detail
81January1971The Fault System, the Courts, and the Consumer Revolts Joseph KelnerMore detail
81January1971Curt Flood at Bat Against Baseball's Reserve ClauseJohn J. McQuaideMore detail
81January1971Newsman's Immunity Statute—A Comparison of Legislative Intent to Statutory FormIgnazio J. RuvoloMore detail
81January1971The Fetus as a Legal Entity—Facing RealityLouis E. BoyleMore detail
81January1971AliensRobert A. MautinoMore detail
81January1971Civil RightsRichard H. McClureMore detail
81January1971Selective ServiceMichael J. McCabeMore detail
81January1971Casner and Leach: Cases and Text on Property (2d Ed., 1969)Herbert I. LazerowMore detail
81January1971Citizens' Board of Inquiry Into Hunger and Malnutrition in the United States: "Hunger U.S.A."Michael H. DessentMore detail
81January1971Turner: The Chemical FeastPeter K. NunezMore detail
1January1964One Man's Stand For Freedom. By Irving DilliardStanley MoskMore detail
1January1964In Search of Criminology. By Leon RadzinowiczWilliam B. EnrightMore detail
1January1964The Constitutional Right of Association. By David FellmanEdward L Barrett, Jr.More detail
81January1971Uniform Consumer Credit Code and National Consurmer Act: Some Objective ComparisonsBenny L. KassMore detail
221January1985ForewordLester B. Snyder & Karla W. SimonMore detail
221January1985The Acquisitions Proposals and Their Effect on Corporations, Shareholders and Creditors: Reform of Reorganizations and LiquidationsPeter L. Faber & John Andre LeDucMore detail
221January1985The Destiny of Net Operating LossesJames S. Eustice & Gerald G. PortneyMore detail
221January1985Taxing Corporate Distributions of Appreciated Property: Repeal of General Utilities Doctrine, Relief Measures and entity Reclassification ProposalsBernard Wolfman, John S. Nolan, Richard D. HobbetMore detail
221January1985A Comparison of the Merger and Acquisition Provisions of Present Law with the Provisions in the Senate Finance Committee's Draft BillSamuel C. Thompson Jr. & Martin D. GinsburgMore detail
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