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162March1979The Regulation of Real Estate Syndicate Securities in California Bill NaumannMore detail
201December1982Estoppel in Immigration Proceedings-New Life from Akbarin and MirandaBill Ong HingMore detail
164July1979Equity, Efficiency, and Income Tax Theory: Do Misallocations Drive Out Inequities?Boris I. BittkerMore detail
444November2007What Statutes Mean: Interpretive Lessons from Positive Theories of Communication and Legislation Boudreau, Lupia, McCubbins, RodriguezMore detail
424November2005The Unitary Waters Apprach: The Government's Misguided Attempt to Limit the Reach of the Clean Water ActBrad W. BlankMore detail
333August1996ForewordBradford D. DueaMore detail
323August1995The Employee/Independent Contractor Classification: Do Loan Officers Working with California Mortgage Brokers Qualify As Statutory Independent Contractors?Bradford D. DueaMore detail
212March1984The Unruh Civil Rights Act: Is a Private Club a Business Establishment after O'Connor v. Village Green Owners Ass'n?Bradley D. SchwartzMore detail
152March1978Egan v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. : The Expanding Use of Punitive Damages in Breach of Insurance Contract Actions Bradley Jay FisherMore detail
342May1997The Hole in the Code: Good Faith and Morality in Chapter 13Bradley M. ElbeinMore detail
132March1976Capital Formation Within the Electric Utility Industry: An Assessment of the Ford PlanBrandon BeckerMore detail
134August1976An Affirmative Constitutional Right: The Tenth Amendment and the Resolution of Federalism ConflictsBrandon Becker & Michael F. WalshMore detail
134August1976The Interpenetration of Narrow Construction and Policy: Mr. Justice Stevens' Circuit OpinionsBrandon Becker & Michael F. WalshMore detail
331February1996Should a Non-Designing Manufacturer Be Held Strictly Liable for a Design Defect? An Approach for CaliforniaBrent Nicholas TriffMore detail
121December1974Ethical Obligations of the Attorney Under Rule 23--Abuses and ReformsBrian G. RixMore detail
423August2005Everything I know About Marriage I Learned From Law ProfessorsBrian H. BixMore detail
441February2007On Questions and Answers in Law's QuandaryBrian H. BixMore detail
474November2010Foundations of Religious Liberty: Toleration or Respect?Brian LeiterMore detail
354November1998Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Laws and the U.S.-EU Dispute Over the Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Merger: From Comity to Conflict? ...Brian PeckMore detail
175November1980A Guide to Obtaining Required Regulatory Approvals for New Industrial Facilities in CaliforniaBruce A. Beckman & Michael W. PrairieMore detail
481February2011Prosecutors' Ethical Duty of Disclosure In Memory of Fred ZachariasBruce A. GreenMore detail
421February2005Rational Commitment and Legal ReasonBruce ChapmanMore detail
294November1992Political Asylum in the Ninth Circuit and the Case of Elias-ZacariasBruce J. EinhornMore detail
353August1998Exiling the New Felons: The Consequences of the Retroactive Application of Aggravated Felony Convictions to Lawful Permanent ResidentsBruce Robert MarleyMore detail
344November1997Bound by the BAP: The Stare Decisis Effects of BAP Decisions Bryan T. CampMore detail
433August2006Keelhauling Pirates: How Ex Parte Seizure of Non-Interfering LPFM Does Not Further the FCC'S "Public Interest"Buck EndemannMore detail
103May1973High Seas Intervention: Parameters of Unilateral ActionBy R. Palmer CundickMore detail
282April1991Scientific Misconduct in Academia: A Survey and Analysis of Applicable LawC. Beth SiseMore detail
333August1996Misplaced Priorities: The Utah Digital Signature Act and Liability Allocation in a Public Key InfrastructureC. Bradford BiddleMore detail
343August1997Legislating Market Winners: Digital Signature Laws and the Electronic Commerce MarketplaceC. Bradford BiddleMore detail
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