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241January1987Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 Federal Securities Law Claims: The Need for the Uniform Distribution of the Arbitration IssueAudrey V. NelsonMore detail
131December1975Searching for Illegal Aliens: The Immigration Service Encounters the Fourth AmendmentAustin T. Fragomen, Jr.More detail
141December1976Procedural Aspects of Illegal Search and Seizure in Deportation CasesAustin T. Fragomen, Jr.More detail
171December1979The Immigration Selection System: A Proposal for ReformAustin T. Fragomen, Jr. & Alfred J. Del Rey, Jr.More detail
481February2011Facing the Unfaceable: Dealing with Prosecutorial Denial in Postconviction Cases of Actual InnocenceAviva OrensteinMore detail
351February1998Racial Disparities in the Delivery of Health CareBarbara A. NoahMore detail
394November2002Sua Sponte Appellate Rulings: When Courts Deprive Litigants of an Opportunity to be HeardBarry A. MillerMore detail
243May1987The Doctrine of Ancient Title: Unknown Origins, Uncertain FutureBarry Lawrence RudermanMore detail
344November1997Patent Invalidity and the Seventh Amendment: Is the Jury Out?Barry S. WilsonMore detail
213June1984Treating a Vessel Like a Home for Purposes of Conducting a SearchBarry VrevichMore detail
172March1980Paleface, Redskin, and the Great White Chiefs in Washington: Drawing the Battlelines over Western Water RightsBelinda K. OremMore detail
402May2003The Applicability, Apprpriateness, and Enforcement of the "Background Levels" Standard for Contaminated Sediment Cleanup Under California State Water Resources Control Board Resolution 92-49Benjamin BenumofMore detail
281February1991The Fourth Amendment And The Police Use of "Pain Compliance" Techniques on Nonviolent ArresteesBenjamin I. WhippleMore detail
481February2011The Zealous Prosecutor as Minister of JusticeBennett L. GershmanMore detail
81January1971Uniform Consumer Credit Code and National Consurmer Act: Some Objective ComparisonsBenny L. KassMore detail
193April1982On Evaluating the Draft Convention on the Law of the SeaBernard H. OxmanMore detail
383August2001Smart Growth and Other Infirmities of Land Use ControlsBernard H. SieganMore detail
272MarchConserving and Developing the LandBernard H. SieganMore detail
292May1992Constitutional Protection of Property and Economic RightsBernard H. SieganMore detail
272March1990Majorities May Limit the People's Liberties Only When Authorized To Do So by the ConstitutionBernard H. SieganMore detail
222May1985Rehabilitating LochnerBernard H. SieganMore detail
62May1969The Voiceprint Technique: Its Structure and ReliabilityBernard S. KamineMore detail
221January1985Taxing Corporate Distributions of Appreciated Property: Repeal of General Utilities Doctrine, Relief Measures and entity Reclassification ProposalsBernard Wolfman, John S. Nolan, Richard D. HobbetMore detail
173May1980IntroductionBernardo ZuletaMore detail
203June1983The Law of the Sea After Montego BayBernardo ZuletaMore detail
193April1982Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1980-1981Bernice R. KliedMore detail
255September1988What is an Action for the Purposes of California Civil Procedure Code Section 726?Beth Jo ZeitzerMore detail
204August1983Student Refusal to Pay Abortion-Related Fees - A First Amendment Right?Beth Kowalke BaierMore detail
364November1999The Future of Bioethics Testimony: Guidelines for Determining Qualifications, Reliability , and HelpfulnessBethany Spielman, George AgichMore detail
82March1971Expulsion in California Public High Schools—Due Process a Decade After DixonBetty E. BooneMore detail
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