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201December1982Federal Court Remedies in Immigration and Naturalization CasesAnn Allott & Nancy B. ElkindMore detail
412May2004Likelihood of ConfusionAnn BartowMore detail
282April1991Knight v. Jewett: Reasonable Implied Assumption of Risk as a Complete Defense in Sports Injury CasesAnn K. BradleyMore detail
123May1975United Sates and Canadian Policy Processes in Law of the SeaAnn L. HollickMore detail
103May1973United States Oceans PoliticsAnn L. Hollick More detail
481February2011A Letter to Professor Fred Zacharias's Sons in Memory of Their FatherAnne LukingbealMore detail
433August2006On Art Theft, Tax, and Time: Triangulating Ownership Disputes Through the Tax CodeAnne-Marie RhodesMore detail
132March1976Fourth Amendment Challenge to an Internal Revenue Code Section 7602 Summons: United States v. Sun First National Bank of Orlando, 510 F.2d 1107 (5th Cir. 1975)Anthony B. PenningtonMore detail
171December1979Recent Developments in the Immigration Law of the United States, 1978-1979Anthony J. Passante, Jr.More detail
71January1970Constitutional LawAnthony LovettMore detail
101December1972Command Control: Lawful Versus Unlawful ApplicationAnthony P. De GiulioMore detail
182March1981Personal Jurisdiction over Retailers and Regional Distributors in Products Liability Litigation: Sufficiency of a Single ContractAnthony P. PascaleMore detail
213June1984Extension of Ocean Dumping Legislation Under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act to a United States Exclusive Economic ZoneArlene KovalMore detail
2January1965Searches and SeizuresArmando L. OdoricoMore detail
443August2007The Supreme Court, Confessions, and Judicial SchizophreniaArnold H. LoewyMore detail
225September1985The Proper Role of Discretion in Political Asylum DeterminationsArthur C. HeltonMore detail
294November1992Resistance to Military Conscription or Forced Recruitment by Insurgents as a Basis for Refugee Protection: A Comparative PerspectiveArthur C. HeltonMore detail
271January1990Mistretta v. United States: Mistreating the Separation of Powers Doctrine?Arthur C. LeahyMore detail
384November2001Which Public, Whose Interest? The FCC, the Public Interest, and Low-Power RadioArthur MartinMore detail
164July1979The Death of Palsgraf: A Comment on the Current Status of the Duty Concept in CaliforniaArthur N. BuckMore detail
165August1979Reductionism in the Law Schools, or, Why the Blather About the Motivation of Legislators?Arthur S. MillerMore detail
155August1978If "The Devil Himself Knows Not the Mind of Man," How Possibly Can Judges Know the Motivation of Legislators? Arthur S. Miller More detail
393August2002PrefaceArti K. RaiMore detail
393August2002Genetic Interventions: (Yet) Another Challenge to Allocating Health CareArti K. RaiMore detail
312May1994Contracts in Wonderland: A Fable Regarding the Administrative Adjudication of Qualifying Facility Contracts in CaliforniaArturo GandaraMore detail
143May1977ForewordArvid PardoMore detail
203June1983The Convention of the Law of the Sea: A Preliminary AppraisalArvid PardoMore detail
471February2010Marrying into Financial Abuse: A Solution To Protect The Elderly in CaliforniaAshley E. RathburnMore detail
151December1977ForewordAttorney General Griffin Bell More detail
362May1999Race, Space, and Place: The Geography of Economic DevelopmentAudrey G. McFarlaneMore detail
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