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TitleJapanese Prefectural Scapegoats in the Constitutional Landscape: Protecting Children from Violent Video Games in the Name of "Public Welfare"
Author(s)Susan Minamizono
First Page135
AbstractPart I of this comment will examine the history and application of freedom of expression in Japanese case law and the evolution of the public welfare concept and its circumscribing effect on individual freedoms. Part II will explore the recent local regulatory efforts and the historical underpinnings for these laws that place restrictions on materials to children. Part III will compare the Japanese legislative endeavors with their American counterparts and highlight the reasons why United States laws will continue to be struck down by courts. Part IV will analyze the response of the video game industry to the onslaught of legislation in Japan and the United States. Lastly, Part V will scrutinize the validity of addressing youth violence with a legislative ban of sales of video games to minors and introduce other key factors that should be considered in the de-escalation of the epidemic in Japan.