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TitleU.S. Border Patrol Abuses, Undocumented Mexican Workers, and International Human Rights
Author(s)Jorge A. Vargas
First Page1
AbstractThis Article addresses poignant questions involving Mexican migratory workers, which touch upon issues close to America's pockets and psyche, and to U.S. immigration law and policies. This work advances the thesis that the mistreatment, abuses, and brutal violations inflicted by U.S. Border Patrol agents against Mexican migratory workers are not only offenses or crimes which must not be tolerated, but are also human rights violations.

Regardless of the immigration status of undocumented persons, any foreign person in this country deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and afforded humane treatment, with international human rights principles. This Article [also] explores sensitive immigration law issues as perceived through the eyes of undocumented persons, not as criminal entrants, but as victims of indignity.

[Finally,] this Article criticizes the erroneous laissez faire attitude of the U.S. government regarding the problems created by the constant, but irregular, migratory flows of Mexican undocumented workers into this country.