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TitleThe Obligation to Sue Force to Stop Acts Of Genocide: An Overview of Legal Precedents, Customary Norms, and State Responsibility
Author(s)Joshua M. Kagan
First Page461
AbstractThough the Genocide Convention was created to "liberate mankind from [the] odious scourge" of genocide, the dreams of its drafters have still not come to fruition. The commission of genocide, widely considered the most appalling of all crimes, did not end with the signing and ratification of the Convention in 1948. Genocide continues in the world today. While its sentiments were noble and its aims commendable, the Genocide Convention as it is interpreted and applied today is insufficient to stop the commission of genocide in the world. In order to rid the world of this crime, a new interpretation of the Convention is needed. If the commission of genocide is truly to be prevented and punished, the international community must come to accept the use of force to stop such acts.