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TitleAn Evaluation of Current Legitimacy-Based Objections to NAFTA's Chapter 11 Investment Dispute Resolution Process
Author(s)Naveen Gurudevan
First Page399
AbstractThe year 1994 saw the conclusion of a very important trilateral trade and investment treaty in North America: the North American Free Trade Agreement. Since then, this agreement has had a tremendous impact on the trading relations among the three signatory states-the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Of particular significance is Chapter 11, the Investment Chapter. One of the main objectives of Chapter 11 is to provide an effective means for the resolution of disputes between a foreign investor and the host government. To this end, it provides a mechanism whereby private parties can initiate arbitration proceedings against the host state before an international tribunal such as, for example, the International Convention for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, commonly referred to as ICSID.