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18June2017Equitable Apportionment of Shared Transboundary River Waters: A Case Study of Modification of the Indus Waters TreatyDr. Waseem Ahmad QureshiMore detail
18June2017The European Union's Competence on Foreign Investment: "New and Improved"?Dominik MoskvanMore detail
18June2017The First Competitive Video Gaming Anti-Doping and Its Deficiencies Under European Union LawColby StiversMore detail
18June2017The Dublin Regulation and Systemic FlawsJason MitchellMore detail
18June2017Cuba Libre: A Verb? A Noun? Or A Cocktail?Brian EiselmanMore detail
18December2016Extraterrestrial Property Rights: Utilizing the Resources of the Final FrontierJohn MyersMore detail
18December2016The Evolution of China's Legislation on ReproductionDu YifangMore detail
18December2016Supersession of the Senior-Most Judges in Bangladesh in Appointing the Chief Justice and the Other Judges of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court: A Convenient Means to a Politicized BenchM. Ehteshamul BariMore detail
18December2016Gone But Not Forgotten: Recognizing the Right to Be Forgotten in the U.S. to Lessen the Impacts of Data BreachesAshley StenningMore detail
18December2016Bitter Biopharmaceuticals: Biologic Counterfeiting and Supply Chain ConcernsJennifer AbmaMore detail
17May2016The Third Player-Illegal CombatantEmanuel GrossMore detail
17May2016Coyote Ugly: Ineffective Human Smuggling Statutes in Central America Call for a New Regional TreatyNatalia W. NyczakMore detail
17May2016Endemic Corruption in the People's Republic of ChinaEmily TranMore detail
17May2016The Currency of History: The Possible, and Improper, Restriction on Ancient Egyptian CoinageCody WisniewskiMore detail
17December2015Regulating Access to Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources: The Disclosure Requirement as a Strategy to Combat BiopiracyPaul KurukMore detail
17December2015A Comparison of the Jurisprudence of the ECJ and the EFTA Court on the Free Movement of Goods in the EEA: Is There an Intolerable Separation of Article 34 of the TFEU and Article 11 of the EEA?Jarrod TudorMore detail
17December2015Protecting Equine Welfare and International Consumers of Horse Meat: A Proposal for the Renewal of Horse Slaughter in the United StatesNatalie AndersonMore detail
17December2015Using the Ability to Host World Events As Incentive to Procure Voluntary Anti-Discrimination Legal ReformBrett M. CrowellMore detail
16May2015Proportionality in Perspective: Historical Light on the Law of Armed ConflictJeremy RabkinMore detail
16May2015Does Animal Welfare Trump Religious Liberty? The Danish Ban on Kosher and Halal ButcheringR.J. DelahuntyMore detail
16May2015“Online Pharmacy Regulation: How the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act Can Help Solve an International Problem”Bob SchultzMore detail
16May2015Too Porous for Protection? Loopholes in EB-5 Investor Visa Oversight Are Cause for National Security ConcernChristine RyanMore detail
16May2015Protecting Small Businesses Against Trademark Bullying: Creating a Federal Law to Remove the Disparity of Leverage Trademark Holders Maintain Over Small BusinessesAnthony James DispotoMore detail
16December2014Anglo-American Dissent From the European Law of War: A History with Contemporary EchoesJeremy Rabkin More detail
16December2014Partnering With Despots and Failed Regimes: Rogue Banking As a Primary Violation of International LawJoel SlawotskyMore detail
16December2014Partners or Rivals in Reconciliation? The ICTR and Rwanda’s Gacaca CourtsLeo C. NwoyeMore detail
16December2014The United States versus Japan as a Lesson Commending International Mediation to Secure Hague Abduction Convention ComplianceChandra ZdenekMore detail
15May2014A Matter of National Security: Whistleblowing in the Military as a Mechanism for International Law EnforcementDr. Roslyn FullerMore detail
15May2014Samsara to Nirvana: What Would It Mean to Actually Free Tibet?Leah Marie ShellbergMore detail
15May2014Destroying the Legacy of the ICTY: Analysis of the Acquittals of Jovica Stanišic and Franko Simatovi?Katherine PruittMore detail
15May2014Increased Franco-British Military Cooperation: The Impetus, Its Results, and the Impact on International Humanitarian InterventionEva GramykMore detail
15May2014Admissible or Inadmissible: The Role of Formally Codified Rules of Evidence as a Safeguard in Mexico’s Developing Adversarial SystemConnie DangMore detail
15November2013Improper Deportation of Legal Permanent Residents: The U.S. Government’s Mischaracterization of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Nijhawan v. HolderMichael R. DevittMore detail
15November2013An Analysis of the Legal Status of CIA Officers Involved in Drone StrikesMore detail
15November2013A High Seas Requirement for Inciters and Intentional Facilitators of Piracy Jure Gentium and Its (Lack of) Implications for ImpunityJonathan BellishMore detail
15November2013Breaking Legal Ground: A Bivens Action for Noncitizens for Trans-border Constitutional Torts Against Border Patrol AgentsJulie HunterMore detail
15November2013Naked Dishonesty: Misuse of a Social Security Number for an Otherwise Legal Purpose May Not Be a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude After AllNathanael C. CrowleyMore detail
14May2013ForewordKyle M. BirdMore detail
14May2013Drawing the Line Between Competing Interests: Strengthening Online Data Privacy Protection in an Increasingly Networked WorldLori ChiuMore detail
14May2013Explaining the Progression of the Rights of Same-Sex Couples in South AmericaDaniel De La CruzMore detail
14May2013Inequities in Corporate and Securities Law: Disabling the Exploitative Chinese Corporation and Charting a Path to International Commercial AccountabilityJonathan P. SchmidtMore detail
14May2013Mexico and the Law of the Sea: Contributions and Compromises Book ReviewMichael ReedMore detail
15May2012‘My Name is Khan’ and I am not a Terrorist: Intersections of Counter Terrorism Measures and the International Framework for Refugee ProtectionNeha BhatMore detail
14November2012The 2012 U.S.-Mexico Agreement on Transboundary Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico: A Blueprint for Progress or a Recipe for Conflict?Jorge A. VargasMore detail
14November2012The Judicialization of International Atrocity Crimes: The Kharkov Trial of 1943Michael J. Bazyler & Kellyanne Rose GoldMore detail
14November2012Cyberterrorism in the Context of Contemporary International LawYaroslav ShiryaevMore detail
14November2012Basel III and Credit Risk Measurement: Variations Among G20 CountriesMatt SchlickenmaierMore detail
14November2012“There’s No Place Like Home” DOMA Deportation: The Forced Expatriation of Bi-National Same-Sex Couples from the United States to CanadaAnh "Annie" NguyenMore detail
13May2012ForewordNicole J. SmithMore detail
13May2012Sovereignty in Theory and PracticeWinston P. Nagan, Aitza M. HaddadMore detail
13May2012The Evolution of a New International System of Justice in the United Nations: The First Sessions of the United Nations Appeals TribunalTamara A. ShockleyMore detail
13May2012Cyberbullying: What?s the ?Status? in England?Krupa PatelMore detail
13May2012Protecting the Children of the World: A Proposal for Tracking Convicted Sex Offenders InternationallyNicole J. SmithMore detail
14November2011ForewordKyle M. BirdMore detail
13November2011ForewordNicole J. SmithMore detail
13November2011Retrying the Acquitted in England Part III: Prosecution Appeals Against Judges' Rulings of "No Case to Answer"David S. RudsteinMore detail
13November2011Property Rights in Land, Agricultural Capitalism, and the Relative Decline of Pre-Industrial ChinaTaisu ZhangMore detail
13November2011Commercial High Technology Innovations Face Uncertain Future Amid Emerging "BRICS" Compulsory Licensing and IT Interoperability FrameworksLawrence A. KoganMore detail
13November2011The Genius of Roman Law From a Law and Economics PerspectiveJuan Javier del GranadoMore detail
13November2011Untangling the Web: Exploring Internet Regulation Schemes in Western DemocraciesRenee KeenMore detail
13November2011Divided We Stand: The Haudenosaunee, Their Passport and Legal Implications of Their Recognition in Canada and the United StatesNicole Terese Capton MarquesMore detail
12May2011ForewordBrian J. KennedyMore detail
12May2011Economic and Social Rights: The Role of Courts in ChinaRandall PeerenboomMore detail
12May2011The Dangerous Illusion of International Financial Standards and the Legacy of the Financial Stability ForumCally JordanMore detail
12May2011Overseeing Controlling Shareholders: Do Independent Directors Constrain Tunneling in Taiwan?Yu-Hsin LinMore detail
12May2011Gangs, Violence, and Victims in El Salvador, Guatemala, and HondurasJuan J. FogelbachMore detail
12May2011A Test Case in International Bankruptcy Protocols: The Lehman Brothers InsolvencyJamie AltmanMore detail
12May2011The Global H1N1 Pandemic, Quarantine Law, and the Due Process ConflictGregory P. CampbellMore detail
12May2011One Time Too Many: In Re Briones and the BIA's Rigid Interpretation of the LIFE Act and its Dire Consequences for Undocumented ReentryLauren GonzálezMore detail
12November2010ForewordBrian J. KennedyMore detail
12November2010Private and Public Construction in Modern ChinaGregory M. SteinMore detail
12November2010The Exclusionary Rule in Immigration Proceedings: Where it Was, Where it Is, Where it May be GoingIrene ScharfMore detail
12November2010The Lion Awakens: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act--1977 to 2010Michael B. BixbyMore detail
12November2010"Don't Mess with Moscow"--Legal Aspects of the 2008 Caucasus ConflictHannes HofmeisterMore detail
12November2010Two Paths to Judicial Power: The Basic Structure Doctrine and Public Interest Litigation in Comparative PerspectiveManoj MateMore detail
12November2010The Vulnerability of Subsea Infrastructure to Underwater Attack: Legal Shortcomings and the Way ForwardLawrence Reza WrathallMore detail
12November2010Reinforcing the Hague Convention on Taking Evidence Abroad After Blocking Statutes, Data Privacy Directives, and AérospatialeBrian FriederichMore detail
11May2010ForewordE.Erin RobbinsMore detail
11May2010Evolving Regulation of Corporate Governance and the Implications for D&O Liability: The United States and AustraliaJoan T.A. Gabel et al.More detail
11May2010A Sense of Duty: The Illusory Criminal Jurisdiction of the U.S./Iraq Status of Forces AgreementChris JenksMore detail
11May2010Korea's Patent Policy and Its Impact on Economic Development: A Model for Emerging Countries?Jay A. Erstling & Ryan E. StromMore detail
11May2010The Prohibition of Large Partnerships in Nigerian Company Law: An Essay into Postcolonial Legal AtavismC. George NnonaMore detail
11May2010Partitioning Paternity: The German Approach to a Disjuncture Between Genetic and Legal Paternity With Implications for American CourtsShelly Ann KameiMore detail
11May2010Carbon Down Under--Lessons from Australia: Two Recommendations for Clarifying Subsurface Property Rights to Facilitate Onshore Geologic Carbon Sequestration in the United StatesTracy J. LoganMore detail
11November2009ForewordE.Erin RobbinsMore detail
11November2009The Gaza War of 2009: Applying International Humanitarian Law to Israel and HamasJustus Reid Weiner & Avi BellMore detail
11November2009Constitutions, International Law, and the Settlement Function of Law: A Schema for Further ReflectionLarry AlexanderMore detail
11November2009De-cloaking Torture: Boumediene and the Military Commissions ActAlan W. ClarkeMore detail
11November2009Silencing the Silk Road: China's Language Policy in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous RegionAurora Elizabeth BewickeMore detail
11November2009Towards A New Transitional Justice Model: Assessing the Serbian CaseRoozbeh (Rudy) B. BakerMore detail
11November2009Making Transfer of Clean Technology Work: Lessons of the Clean Development MechanismMei GechlikMore detail
11November2009An International Perspective on Battling the Bulge: Japan's ANti-Obesity Legislation and its Potential Impact on Waistlines Around the WorldChristin LawlerMore detail
11November2009Copyright or Trademark? Can One Boy Wizard Prevent Film Title Duplication?Anna PhillipsMore detail
10May2009Revisiting the Thames Formula: The Evolving Role of the International Maritime Organization and Its Member States in Implementing the 1982 Law...Craig H. AllenMore detail
10May2009Much Ado About Non-state Actors: The Vanishing Relevance of State Affiliation in International Criminal LawJohn CeroneMore detail
10May2009Is Labor Really "Cheap" in China? Compliance with Labor and Employment LawsMarissa Anne PagnattaroMore detail
10May2009The Political Economy of Hong Kong's "Open Skies" Legal Regime: An Empirical and Theoretical Exploration Miron Mushkat and Roda MushkatMore detail
10May2009Between Fragmentation and Unity: The Uneasy Relationship Between Global Administrative Law and Global ConstitutionalismMing-Sung KuoMore detail
10May2009Repatriating Cultural Property: The Dispute Between Yale and Peru Over the Treasures of Machu PicchuStephanie SwansonMore detail
10May2009A Global Crisis Writ Large: The Effects of Being “Stateless In Thailand” on Hill-Tribe ChildrenJoy Park, John Tanagho, and Mary E. Weicher GaudetMore detail
10May2009With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Korea’s Role in the War Against Online PiracyEdward ChoiMore detail
10May2009Development of Ukrainian Real Property and Mortgage Law: The American PerspectiveZhanna BulkinaMore detail
10November2008ForewordKate RyzocMore detail
10November2008The Meaning of Wrongdoing-A Crime of Disrespecting the Flag: Grounds for Preserving "National Unity"?Dr. Mohammed Saif-Alden WattadMore detail
10November2008Equality in Germany and the United StatesEdward J. EberleMore detail
10November2008Tort Reform with Chinese Characteristics: Toward a "Harmonious Society" in the People's Republic of ChinaAndrew J. GreenMore detail
10November2008Policing Against the State: United Nations Policing as Violative of SovereigntyAlexandra R. HarringtonMore detail
10November2008"Bazaar" Transnational Drafting: An Analysis of the GNU Public License Version 3 Revision ProcessChristopher M. DiLeoMore detail
10November2008Moving Beyond the WTO: A Proposal to Adjudicate GMO Disputes in an International Environmental CourtMarguerite A. HutchinsonMore detail
9May2008ForewordChristina ClemmMore detail
9May2008Retrying the Acquitted in England Part II: The Exception to the Rule Against Double Jeopardy for Tainted AcquittalsDavid S. RudsteinMore detail
9May2008Acquisition of Real Estate in Mexico by U.S. Citizens and American CompaniesJorge A. VargasMore detail
9May2008Victims and Promise of Remedies: International Law Fairytale Gone BadSanja DjajicMore detail
9May2008Confronting the Limits of the First Amendment: A Proactive Approach for Media Defendants Facing Liability AbroadMichelle A. WyantMore detail
9May2008Title Insurance in Mexico: A Necessary Protection, Duplicative Expense, or Something in Between?Christina ClemmMore detail
9May2008The Proliferation of Global REITS and the Cross Borderization of the Asian MarketJulius L. SokolMore detail
9November2007ForewordChristina ClemmMore detail
9November2007Public International Law and the WTO: A Reckoning of Legal Positivism and NeoliberalismS.G. SreejithMore detail
9November2007Seeking the Final Court of Justice: The European Court of Human Rights and Accountability for State Violence in Northern IrelandChristopher K. ConnollyMore detail
9November2007Japanese Prefectural Scapegoats in the Constitutional Landscape: Protecting Children from Violent Video Games in the Name of "Public Welfare"Susan MinamizonoMore detail
9November2007Net Neutrality: An International Policy for the United StatesFrederick W. PfisterMore detail
8May2007ForewordShanish M. AloorMore detail
8May2007Can International Law Survive the 21st Century? Yes: With Patience, Persistence, and a Peek at the PastDana Zartner FalstromMore detail
8May2007The Antinomies of the (Continued) Relevance of ICSID to the Third WorldIbironke T. OdumosuMore detail
8May2007Retrying the Acquitted in England, Part I: The Exception to the Rule Against Double Jeopardy for New and Compelling EvidenceDavid S. RudsteinMore detail
8May2007"The United States Federal Judiciary May Not Be a 'Third, Co-Equal Branch' of Government. What are the Implications for the Irish Debate…Lawrence DonnellyMore detail
8May2007Mexican Law and Personal Injury Cases: An Increasingly Prominent Area for U.S. Legal Practitioners and JudgesJorge A. VargasMore detail
8May2007Here There Be Pirates: How China as Meeting Its IP Enforcement Obligations Under TRIPSKate Colpitts HunterMore detail
8May2007Regulatory Marketing Approval for Pharmaceuticals as a Non-Tariff Barrier to Trade: Analysis Under the WTO's Agreement on Technical Barriers to…Mary Hess EliasonMore detail
8November2006ForewordShanish M. AloorMore detail
8November2006International Private Rights of Action: A Cost-Benefit FrameworkPhilip M. MoremenMore detail
8November2006The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and the Possibility of Judicial Settlement of Disputes Involving the Fishing Entity…Yann-Huei SongMore detail
8November2006Richard Posner Meets Reb Chaim of Brisk: A Comparative Study in the Founding of Intellectual Legal MovementsSamuel J. LevineMore detail
8November2006Bollywood is Coming! Copyright and Film Industry Issues Regarding International Film Co-Productions Involving IndiaTimm NeuMore detail
8November2006Linking Global Warming to Inuit Human RightsMarguerite E. MiddaughMore detail
8November2006U.S. Asylum Law Out of Sync with International Obligations: REAL ID ActVictor P. WhiteMore detail
8November2006VAT? A Look Inside Canada's Experience with the Goods and Services TaxBrandon A. KettermanMore detail
7May2006ForewordLeslie A. RobinsonMore detail
7May2006The Clear and Present Danger Test in Anglo-American and Europe LawDavid G. BarnumMore detail
7May2006Towards a Development-Oriented Multilateral Framework on Competition PolicyJae Sung LeeMore detail
7May2006Public Trust and Political Legitimacy: Conflict of Interests and the Role of the Parliament's Speaker in Israel and EuropeLior Zemer, Eyal Kimel, Sharon PardoMore detail
7May2006Money Talks: The Influence of Economic Power on the Employment Laws and Policies in the United States and FranceCarole A. ScottMore detail
7May2006The Interrelation Between the Law of the Sea Convention and Customary International LawMartin Lishexian LeeMore detail
7May2006Litigating Child Recruitment Before the Special Court for Sierra LeoneNoah B. NovogrodskyMore detail
7May2006Brief of the University of Toronto International Human Rights Clinic as Amicus Curiae to the Special Court for Sierra LeoneNoah B. NovogrodskyMore detail
7May2006The Obligation to Sue Force to Stop Acts Of Genocide: An Overview of Legal Precedents, Customary Norms, and State ResponsibilityJoshua M. KaganMore detail
7May2006Circumventing the Supremacy Clause? Understanding the Constitutional Implications of the United States' Treatment of Treaty Obligations…Amber A. WardMore detail
7May2006TRIPS: With a Painful Birth, Uncertain Health, and a Host of Issues in China, Where Lies Its Future?Allan SegalMore detail
7May2006The Right of Publicity: Recovering Stolen Identities Under International LawEmily GrantMore detail
7November2005ForewordLeslie A. RobinsonMore detail
7November2005The Summer Has Ended and We are Not Saved! Towards a Transformative Agenda for Africa's DevelopmentNsongurua J. UdombanaMore detail
7November2005The Human Face of Resource Conflict: Property and Power in NigeriaKarol C. BoudreauxMore detail
7November2005Conflict Diamonds: U.S. Responsibility and ResponseEdward R. FluetMore detail
7November2005Legislative and Policy Responses to Terrorism, a Global PerspectiveAmos N. GuioraMore detail
7November2005Saving Salvage: Avoiding Misguided Changes to Salvage and Finds LawChristopher Z. BordelonMore detail
7November2005The Emerging Presence of Mexican Law in California CourtsJorge A. VargasMore detail
7November2005Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Ley Anti Mara: El Salvador's Struggle to Reclaim Social OrderJuan J. FogelbachMore detail
6May2005ForewordAmit S. ParekhMore detail
6May2005Securing a Journalist's Testimonial Privilege in the International Criminal CourtAnastasia HeegerMore detail
6May2005Countering Terrorism: From Wigged Judges to Helmeted Soldiers-Legal Perspectives on America's Counter-Terrorism ResponsesJackson Nyamuya MaogotoMore detail
6May2005The European Neighbourhood Policy and its Impact on the Israel- European Union-United States TriangleGuy HarpazMore detail
6May2005China's Media: The Impact of the InternetRichard Cullen & D.W. ChoyMore detail
6May2005“When Caterpillars Kill”: Holding U.S. Corporations Accountable for Knowingly Selling Equipment to Countries for the Commission …Zaha HassanMore detail
6May2005The Prohibition of Widespread Rape as a Jus CogensDean AdamsMore detail
6May2005An Evaluation of Current Legitimacy-Based Objections to NAFTA's Chapter 11 Investment Dispute Resolution ProcessNaveen GurudevanMore detail
6May2005Sand Mining in Baja and Alta CaliforniaHarold MagistraleMore detail
6May2005Child Labor: The Pakistani Effort to End a Scourge Upon Humanity-Is it Enough?Aine SmithMore detail
6November2004ForewordAmit S. Parekh, Harry N. Scheiber More detail
6November2004The 1953 International North Pacific Fisheries Convention: Half-Century Anniversary of a New Departure in Ocean LawHarry N. ScheiberMore detail
6November2004Recollections of the 1952 International North Pacific Fisheries Convention: The Decline of the "Principle of Abstention"Shigeru OdaMore detail
6November2004The Pacific Ocean and U.S.-Japan Relations: A Way of Looking Back at the 20th CenturyAkio WatanabeMore detail
6November2004Japan, the North Atlantic Triangle, and the Pacific Fisheries: A Perspective on the Origins of Modern Ocean Law, 1930-1953Harry N. ScheiberMore detail
6November2004Marine Ecosystem Management & a "Post-Sovereign" Transboundary GovernanceBradley KarkkainenMore detail
6November2004Regionalism, Fisheries, and Environmental Challenges in the PacificJon M. Van DykeMore detail
6November2004Flags of Convenience Before the Law of the Sea TribunalTullio TrevesMore detail
6November2004Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific: The PICES ProjectWarren S. Wooster, Sara F. TjossemMore detail
5May2004ForewordNathan D. ThomasMore detail
5May2004Military Detention and the Judiciary: Al Qaeda, the KKK and Supra-State LawWayne McCormackMore detail
5May2004From the Nuremberg Charter to the Rome Statute: Defining the Elements of Crimes Against HumanityMohamed Elewa BadarMore detail
5May2004The New Partnership for Africa's Development: Institutional and Legal Challenges of Investment PromotionVictor MosotiMore detail
5May2004Human Development Challenges in Africa: A Rights-Based Approach'Dejo OlowuMore detail
5May2004Profitable Proposals: Explaining and Addressing the Mail-Order Bride Industry Through International Human Rights LawVanessa BrocatoMore detail
5May2004The Creation of International Commercial Law: Sovereignty Felled?Sandeep GopalanMore detail
5May2004Human Rights Approaches of Corruption Control Mechanisms-Enhancing the Hong Kong Experience of Corruption Prevention StrategiesC. Raj KumarMore detail
5May2004Soldiers of Semipalatinsk: Seeking a Theory and Forum for Legal RemedyAnne Miers KammerMore detail
5May2004The Race to the Bottom: The United States' Influence on Mexican Labor Law EnforcementJenna L. AcuffMore detail
5May2004Using Architectural Constraints and Game Theory to Regulate International Cyberspace BehaviorVan N. NguyMore detail
5May2004Hong Kong Right of Abode: Ng Siu Tung & Others v. Director of Immigration Constitutional and Human Rights at the Mercy of ChinaTheresa MartinMore detail
5May2004Fishing for Rainbows, the FSC Repeal and Extraterritorial Income Exclusion ActStuart SmithMore detail
4May2003ForewordDylan Oliver MalagrinoMore detail
4May2003International Law and the Pre-Emptive Use of Force: Afghanistan, Al-Qaida, and IraqChristopher GreenwoodMore detail
4May2003Judicial Review and International LawMichel TroperMore detail
4May2003Meditating Comparisons, or the Question of Comparative LawIgor StramignoniMore detail
4May2003The Unique Jurisprudence of Letters of Credit: Its Origin and SourcesGao Xiang & Ross P. BuckleyMore detail
4May2003Politics Without Democracy: A Study of the New Principal Officials Accountability System in Hong KongChristine Loh & Richard CullenMore detail
4May2003Will That be First Class, Business Class, or Pet Class? Changing Legal Trends for the Traveling PetJudith R. KarpMore detail
4May2003Nigeria Since May 1999: Understanding the Paradox of Civil Rule and Human Rights Violations Under President Olusegun ObasanjoPhilip C. AkaMore detail
4May2003The ECHR and States of Emergency: Article 15– A Domestic Power of Derogation from Human Rights ObligationsMohamed M. El ZeidyMore detail
4May2003The Stateless Corporation Finds a Home: Alienage Jurisdiction and Defendant Overseas Territories--J.P. Morgan Chase Bank v. Traffic Stream …Michael Cornell DypskiMore detail
4May2003Two Case Studies in Self-Determination: The Rock and the BailwickInge V. PorterMore detail
4May2003Affixing Blame: Ideologies of HIV/AIDS in ThailandTarik Abdel-MonemMore detail
4May2003Duty of Care to the Intoxicated: "The Irish Approach?"Mary DrennanMore detail
4May2003Finding Fundamental Fairness: Protecting the Rights of Homosexuals Under European Union Accession LawTravis J. LangenkampMore detail
4May2003“Sinking” the Caroline: Why the Caroline Doctrine's Restrictions on Self-Defense Should Not Be Regarded as Customary International LawMaria Benvenuta OccelliMore detail
4May2003Authorization to Kill Terrorist Leaders and Those Who Harbor Them: An International Analysis of Defensive AssassinationBrenda L. GodfreyMore detail
4May2003Trademark Distinctiveness in a Multilingual Context: Harmonization of the Treatment of Marks in the European Union and the United StatesEric E. BowmanMore detail
4May2003Towards a Solution to the Problem of the Common Anadromous Stocks of the North PacificChristian C. PolychronMore detail
3May2002Civil Litigation as a Means of Compensating Victims of International TerrorismWalter W. HeiserMore detail
3May2002Recent Developments in Wastewater Management in the Coastal Region at the United States-Mexico BorderJohn H. MinanMore detail
3May2002The Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court: Are They Sufficient for the Proper Functioning of the Court or is There Still ...Stuart BeresfordMore detail
3May2002Kissinger's World: A Cautionary Tale Through a Cold War LensMichael J. KellyMore detail
3May2002Regulating Foreign Vessels Under the Clean Air Act: The Case for a Permissible Administrative InterpretationDan LickelMore detail
3May2002Reparations for Slavery: A Dream DeferredWatson BranchMore detail
3May2002National Missile Defense: Legal & Policy Justifications for Expanding Deterrence & Preventing War in the 21st CenturyMichael A. McCannMore detail
2May2001U.S. Border Patrol Abuses, Undocumented Mexican Workers, and International Human Rights Jorge A. VargasMore detail
2May2001A Proposed Legislative Scheme to Solve the Mexican Immigration ProblemSamuel W. BettwyMore detail
2May2001Not Fade Away: The International Criminal Court and the State of SovereigntyJerry FowlerMore detail
2May2001The Continued Viability of Foreign Sales Corporations (FSCs): An Analysis of the WTO Decision Declaring FSCs Incompatible with GATT Trading RulesBrenda O'LearyMore detail
2May2001Force Majeure, China & the CISG: Is China’s New Contract Law a Step in the Right Direction?Donald L. GraceMore detail
2May2001Gamut Trading Co. v. U.S. International Trade Commission: Expanding the Gamut of Trademark ProtectionSean A. BarryMore detail
1May2000ForewordJohn M. RogersMore detail
1May2000Policy Issues Relating to the U.S. Taxation of Foreign Persons Engaged in Business in the United States Through Agents: Some Proposals for ReformRichard Crawford PughMore detail
1May2000Lessons from the Trade Arena: A Proposal to Change U.S. Immigration Law for the Benefit of U.S. WorkersJonathan TodresMore detail
1May2000International Criminal Defense Ethics: The Law of Professional Conduct for Defense Counsel Appearing Before International Criminal TribunalsMichael BohlanderMore detail
1May2000Parties in Israel: Between Law and PoliticsAriel L. BendorMore detail
1May2000The Rome Convention: The Contracting Parties' ChoiceGina M. McGuinnessMore detail
1May2000Walking the Queen's Highway: Peace, Politics and Parades in Northern IrelandBrian P. WhiteMore detail