The First Competitive Video Gaming Anti-Doping and Its Deficiencies Under European Union Law


Colby Stivers


Faculty editor: Michael Ramsey
Publication: International Law Journal
Volume: 18
Issue: 2
Start Page: 263
Month: June
Year: 2017
Type: Comment


This Comment identifies the deficiencies of the ESL anti-doping regime and proposes solutions for compliance with international law. In addition to achieving compliance, the proposed solutions analyzed are selected to serve the values of eSports stakeholders, as well as the philosophical valuesof sports competition as a whole. Section II will identify those stakeholdersand values. Section III will identify and attempt to solve potential noncompliancewith EU treaty-based law under the European Convention on Human Rights and resolutions of the Council of Europe. Section IV will identify and propose solutions transposed from traditional sports anti-doping policies that address discrepancies with EU law and serve the identified policy objectives that are unique to eSports.