Course Descriptions

Summer 2014 Class Descriptions

Veterans Clinic I & II (Robert F. Muth)

1-4 credit(s), H/P/L/F Graded
Requirement(s): Skills
Concentration(s): Public Interest Law (JD)

Students gain practical training and real world experience through representation of veteran clients and their families on a variety of legal issues. Matters include: representing clients who have disputes with predatory lenders and for-profit educational institutions over the use of GI Bill funds and related loans; assisting veterans seeking to upgrade their characterization of discharge from the military; and representing veterans appealing disability claims with the Veterans Administration. Students provide advice, identify potential claims, and in some cases are able to advocate for clients in civil litigation, arbitration, or before governmental review boards. Weekly group meetings are combined with individual case conferences to provide intensive personal training in litigation techniques, legal strategy and case management. The classroom component also includes an overview of applicable law and procedure necessary to assist veterans in these matters. The clinic is graded on a 4-tier Pass-Fail basis.

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