Course Descriptions

Summer 2012 Class Descriptions

Tax I (Paul L. Caron)

3 credit(s)

Tax I provides students with an understanding of the basic principles of federal income tax, including gross income, deductions, tax accounting, capital transactions and income shifting. There will be a final examination at the end of the course. Students are required to pick up an I-clicker from the Writz on June 11 from 3 to 5pm and register it prior to the second class, and to bring the i-clicker to each class.

Note: Required for upper-class students.

Trusts & Estates; Wills & Trusts (Dennis Lilly)

3 credit(s)

This survey course provides an introduction to non-tax aspects of estate planning and the law of gratuitous transfers, including inter vivos gifts, intestate succession, wills, will substitutes, trusts, fiduciary administration, and future interests.

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