Course Descriptions

Spring 2016 Class Descriptions

Global Water Law & Policy (Barton “Buzz” H. Thompson, Jr.)

2 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Environmental and Energy Law (MSLS), Environmental and Energy Law (LLMG), Environmental and Energy Law (LLMC), Environmental and Energy Law (JD)

This course will examine how the United States and other countries are approaching the major challenges facing global water sustainability. These challenges include (1) how regions and nations can cope with growing populations and economies in the face of scarce and often dwindling water supplies, (2) effective drought planning, (3) the sustainability of local groundwater use, (4) the need for improved governance of local water supplies (including appropriate pricing mechanisms), (5) the needs and demands of Native Americans and other indigenous populations, and (6) disputes over international and interstate waterways. The course is appropriate both for students with no experience in the water field as well as students who have previously taken California Water Law. Where appropriate, the course will draw from examples in the American Southwest, with a particularly emphasis on Southern California, San Diego, and the Colorado River. Student grades will be determined by their performance on a final exam. Students who have taken Contemporary Water Law or California Water Law are eligible to take this course.

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