Course Descriptions

Spring 2015 Class Descriptions

Biotech Patent Law (Leonard R. Svensson)

2 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Intellectual Property Law (MSLS), Intellectual Property Law (LLMG), Intellectual Property (LLMC), Intellectual Property (JD)

This course provides students with practical guidance for preparing and prosecuting patent applications directed to biotechnology-related subject matter. Particular attention is directed to understanding the intersection of the patent law and unique commercial aspects of biotechnology-related inventions. While at least a general understanding of the basics of the biological sciences will be helpful, technical or scientific expertise in biology or chemistry is not a prerequisite for the class. Successful completion of Patent Law is suggested, but also not required.

Business Transactions in the People's Republic of China (Ralph H. Folsom)

3 credit(s), Standard Letter Graded
Requirement(s): Writing
Concentration(s): International Law (MSLS), Business and Corporate Law (MSLS), LLM in International Law (LLMI), International Law (LLMC), Business and Corporate Law (LLMC), LLM in Business and Corporate Law (LLMB), International Law (JD), Business and Corporate Law (JD)

This course focuses on inbound and outbound sales, licensing and foreign investment transactions related to the PRC, including negotiations, regulations,dispute settlement and the law, legal system and politics of the PRC and Hong Kong SAR. A research paper suitable for the Law School's writing requirement is mandatory.

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