Course Descriptions

Spring 2013 Class Descriptions

Deals (Frank Partnoy)

3 credit(s)
Requirement(s): Skills
Concentration(s): Business and Corporate Law (JD), LLM in Business and Corporate Law (LLMB), Business and Corporate Law (LLMC)
Prerequisite(s): Corporations

This course will focus on the role of lawyers in a variety of corporate transactions. It is designed for students interested in practicing corporate or securities law or in careers in business. Among the types of deals typically covered are compensation agreements, venture capital financing, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. The course also typically covers certain specialized deals, which in the past have included securitizations, international trade financing, spinoffs, tracking stock, and director/officer insurance. Students will complete one or more individual assignments, which will involve the creation and editing of documents related to one or more deals on a real-time basis. Depending on the number of students enrolled, students also might form teams to write papers and give presentations on a particular deal. Corporations is a prerequisite.

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