Course Descriptions

Spring 2012 Class Descriptions

Religion & the Constitution (Steven D. Smith)

3 credit(s)
Requirement(s): Writing

The First Amendment appears to single "religion" out for special constitutional status, but just what "religion" is and how and why it deserves special legal treatment are questions that have vexed citizens and courts from the nation's beginning. This seminar will consider these questions in their legal, historical, and theoretical dimensions. The seminar will favor class discussion of issues and materials, and students will be expected to prepare and present a paper on an issue of their choice related to the subject of the seminar.

Remedies (Gail Heriot)

4 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Public Interest Law (JD), Civil Litigation (JD)

Legal and equitable remedies under statutes and the common law are examined and compared. The course focuses on methods of evaluating alternative remedies and arguing for or against their creation or use in a given case. The course objective is to enable the student not only to identify all available remedies but also to choose the preferred remedy from among them. The principal subjects covered are equity, restitution and damages.
Note: This is a required course for the Civil Litigation Concentration (JD). This course may be applied as one of the three required courses for the Public Interest Law Concentration (JD).

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