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Spring 2012 Class Descriptions

White Collar Crime (Jason A. Forge, Eric J. Beste)

2 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Criminal Law (LLMG), Criminal Law (LLMC), Business and Corporate Law (LLMC), Public Interest Law (JD), Criminal Litigation (JD), Business and Corporate Law (JD), LLM in Business and Corporate Law (LLMB)

The course will cover a variety of topics related to the defense and prosecution of "white collar" criminal offenses, with a particular focus on emerging trends in the law arising from recent corporate scandals and prosecutions. The lectures will emphasize strategies for conducting internal investigations of corporations and their officers and directors, as well as tactics used by law enforcement in conducting white collar grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions. In this regard, the course will be geared towards students interested in pursuing careers as prosecutors or criminal defense attorneys, as well as those who may represent corporate clients generally. Top ^
Note: Students may only elect this course or Federal Crimes to count toward the Criminal Litigation Concentration (JD).

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