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Spring 2012 Class Descriptions

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Business Torts (Paul Horton)

3 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Business and Corporate Law (LLMC), Intellectual Property (JD), LLM in Business and Corporate Law (LLMB)

Business Torts is a three-credit upper-division course that surveys the main common-law tort claims, defenses, and remedies, as well as sampling various statutory claims and remedies associated with non-criminal commercial litigation. Topics include conversion, unfair competition, interference with contract, injurious falsehood, trade secret misappropriation, misrepresentation, deceptive advertising, and Civil RICO. Students are encouraged to take Business Torts prior to or while they are taking such courses as trademarks, antitrust, securities litigation, intellectual property, employment law, and creditors' remedies. At the instructor's option, the course grade may be based in whole or in part on a paper.
Note: There are limitations on Intellectual Property (JD) concentration eligibility. Please check the Intellectual Property Concentration web page for more information.
Additional Information:Intellectual Property Concentration

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