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Business Planning (Hon. David Laro)

3 credit(s)
Requirement(s): Skills
Concentration(s): Business and Corporate Law (JD), Business and Corporate Law (LLMC), LLM in Business and Corporate Law (LLMB)
Prerequisite(s): Corporations, Tax I

This course combines advance work in corporations, securities and tax law using a problem approach in the context of business planning and counseling. Several problem situations involving common business transactions are examined extensively. Some of the problems considered may include: (i) determining the proper choice of business entity and jurisdiction; (ii) incorporating a sole proprietorship, partnership or professional practice; (iii) buying and selling a business; (iv) raising private capital for a new business venture; (v) planning for an initial public offering of securities; (vi) valuing a business and (vii) planning corporate turnarounds. Students will engage in simulations giving them practical experience in representing a business.. From time to time, students are required to submit memoranda on certain aspects of the problems under consideration. On occasion, students will work together in small groups, and at other times are responsible for individual work. Students will be expected to perform work similar to attorneys in private practice. The written work is in lieu of an examination.

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