Academic Course Frequency

Please note: This web page is only a guide and all course offerings and times are subject to change. This is not an exhaustive list of course offerings.

Last modified: October 28, 2015

The following courses will typically be offered as described below:

Fall Spring
Evidence (2 day) Evidence (evening)
Tax (1 day, 1 evening) Tax (day)
Professional Responsibility (1 day, 1 evening) Professional Responsibility (day)
Constitutional Law II Constitutional Law II 
Criminal Procedure I (1 day, 1 evening) Criminal Procedure I (day)
Remedies (day) Criminal Procedure II (evening)
Community Property (evening) Remedies (evening)
Bankruptcy Community Property
Corporations (evening) Corporations
Corporate Tax (Tax II) Corporate Tax (Tax II)
Negotiation Negotiation
Advanced Legal Writing Advanced Legal Writing
Trial Advocacy Trial Advocacy
Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing
Trusts and Estates Trusts and Estates (evening)
  California Civil Procedure

The following courses will typically be offered every year:

Administrative Law
Child Rights and Remedies
Climate Change Law and Policy
Complex Litigation
*Copyright Law
Corrections and Sentencing
Employment Law
Energy Law and Policy
Environmental Law
Family Law
Federal Courts
International Business Transactions
International Human Rights
*Intellectual Property Survey
*Patent Law
Public Interest and Practice
Public International Law
Securities Regulation
Special Education and the Law
*Trade Secrets
*Trademark Law
UCC: Sales

*some combination of these courses will be offered

Following courses will typically be offered once every other year:

Advanced Chapter 11

Agency, Partnership and the LLC

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Art Law
Biotech Patent Law
Civil Rights Law & History
Corporate Finance
Corporate Innovation and Policy
Death Penalty
Education Law
Employment Discrimination 
European Union Commercial Law
Federal Crimes
Immigration Law
International Energy Regulation
Law of the Sea
Patent Litigation I
Scientific Evidence
Tech Transfers Legal Practice
White Collar Crime
Work, Welfare and Justice


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