Public Interest Law

Why Public Interest Law?

Students often come to law school looking to serve the public by making positive changes in their own community. USD's renowned legal research advocacy clinics such as the Center for Public Interest Law, Children's Advocacy Institute and Energy Policy Initiatives Center are centers for teaching, research and advocacy. They are nationally recognized for their work in training future public interest lawyers and their integration of students into meaningful advocacy work.

Courses in Public Interest Law

Students can focus their studies with electives that emphasize many areas of public interest law, including consumer protection, children's rights, civil rights and environmental law.

Experience in Public Interest Law

Students benefit from USD School of Law's many nationally recognized clinics and centers that provide hands-on legal training while attending law school.

Get Involved

USD offers many student organizations where you can gather with like-minded colleagues to discuss and debate the latest legal issues related to public interest law.

Spotlight on Public Interest

Led by Price Professor of Public Interest Law, Robert Fellmeth, USD's public interest centers and institutes serve as an academic center of research, learning and advocacy in administrative law; teach direct lawyering skills in public interest law; represent the interests of the disadvantaged or underrepresented in state regulatory proceedings; and attempt to make the regulatory functions of state government more efficient and visible by serving as a public monitor of state agencies.


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