Public Interest Law Classes

Please note: The Public Interest Law Concentration was changed in 2013. Below is the old Public Interest Law Concentration (with selected emphases). We are still accepting applications for this concentration through May 2014. The new Public Interest Law Concentration also available online.

  • Credits for concentration: 18
  • Grade point average in concentration courses of 2.5 is required in order to obtain the Concentration
  • Recognition: Certificate and transcript notation or Certificate with Special Emphasis and transcript notation
  • To receive the concentration, you must submit an application during Spring Semester of your graduating year. Applications are due by April 1 of your graduating year.

Required (three of the following six courses)

  • Administrative Law
  • Federal Courts
  • Legislation
  • Public Interest Law and Practice (limited enrollment; special application procedure required)
  • Remedies
  • State and Local Government Law


For a general Concentration in Public Interest Law, choose any three of the courses listed below, from any of the categories below. For a Concentration in Public Interest Law with a Special Emphasis, choose three courses from one of the categories below.

Emphasis on Regulation: Environmental and Consumer Protection

  • Administrative Law
  • Advanced Environmental Law
  • Advanced Issues in Climate and Energy Law
  • Antitrust
  • Climate Change Law and Policy
  • Contemporary Water Law Issues
  • Energy Law and Policy
  • Energy Law Clinic
  • Energy Taxation and Policy*
  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Law Clinic I and II
  • Environmental Law Seminar
  • Federal Courts
  • International Environmental Law
  • Land Use Clinic I and II
  • Land Use Planning
  • Law of American Democracy
  • Law of the Sea
  • Legislation
  • Public Interest Law and Practice (limited enrollment; special application procedure required)
  • Public Interest Law Clinic
  • Public International Law
  • Public Land and Natural Resources Law
  • Remedies
  • Securities Regulation
  • State and Local Government Law
  • Topics in Insurance Law
  • White Collar Crime

Emphasis on Children’s Rights

  • Child Advocacy Clinic: Dependency Court
  • Child Advocacy Clinic: Delinquency Court
  • Child Advocacy Clinic: Policy Clinic
  • Child Rights and Remedies
  • Education and Disability Clinic
  • Education Law
  • Family Law
  • Family Law Seminar
  • Law and Politics of Educational Policy Development
  • Special Education and the Law
  • Topics in Family Law

Emphasis on Civil Rights

  • Civil Rights Law and History
  • Civil Rights Theory Seminar
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Employment Law
  • Immigration Clinic
  • Immigration Law
  • International Human Rights
  • Native American Law

Note: Please plan carefully. Some courses have prerequisites. Courses may not be offered each year. Some courses and clinics have limited enrollment.

*Advanced Tax course: Enrollment of JD students must be approved by Graduate and International Programs (Warren Hall 207).


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