Environmental and Energy Law

Why Environmental and Energy Law?

USD School of Law provides a rich array of offerings in the fields of environmental and energy law. The school's JD and LLM degree programs offer students the opportunity to study and collaborate with renowned faculty, practitioners and policy makers who play leadership roles in legal and policy issues at the state, national, and international levels.

Courses in Environmental and Energy Law

USD School of Law has built a strong, core academic program with full-time and adjunct professors who bring years of experience practicing environmental and energy law at the highest levels.

Experience in Environmental and Energy Law

Employers are looking for experience. USD School of Law makes it possible for students focusing on environmental and energy law to put their academic training into practice before graduation. It's a competitive job market. Be prepared.

Get Involved

USD School of Law offers more than 40 student organizations where students gather with like-minded colleagues. Get involved in one of USD's three organizations that focus on environmental or energy issues.

Spotlight on Energy Policy and Law

Led by Scott Anders, USD's Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) is an academic and research center that studies energy policy issues affecting the San Diego region and California. EPIC integrates research and analysis, law school study, and public education, and serves as a source of legal and policy expertise and information in the development of sustainable solutions that meet our future energy needs.


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