Employment and Labor Law

Why Employment and Labor Law?

Employment and labor law is a dynamic field that often intersects with many other areas of law. Attorneys with this legal background can work in a variety of capacities in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. Whether you want to represent employers, employees or labor unions, this concentration offers students wide latitude in charting their preparation for work in the field of employment and labor law.

Courses in Employment and Labor Law

USD School of Law has built a strong, core academic program with full-time and adjunct professors who bring years of experience practicing employment and labor law at the highest levels.

Experience in Employment and Labor Law

Employers are looking for experience. USD School of Law makes it possible for students focusing on employment and labor law to put their academic training into practice before graduation. It's a competitive job market. Be prepared.

Get Involved

USD School of Law offers more than 40 student organizations where students gather with like-minded colleagues. Get involved in one of USD's organizations that focus on employment and labor issues.

Spotlight on Employment and Labor Law

At USD School of Law, students have the opportunity to learn from Don Weckstein Professor of Labor and Employment Law Orly Lobel.  Professor Lobel is an internationally acclaimed expert in the law and economics of human capital. She teaches and writes in the areas of employment law, intellectual property law, regulatory and administrative law, torts, behavioral economics, health policy, consumer law and trade secrets. Her current research focuses on innovation policy and intellectual property. She is also serves as the faculty advisor for the Employment and Labor Law Society (EALLS).


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