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Summer Abroa 2013 Class Descriptions

Comparative Civil Liberties - Florence (LWYF519)

Instructor(s): StaffStaff

2 credit(s)
Concentration(s): Study Abroad

A comparative study of the rights of the individual against the state in modern society. The primary focus will be on freedom of expression in the arts, literature, film, and other communications media, and the power of the state to limit representations it considers immoral, subversive, hateful or demeaning, or inciting crime or violence. The course will therefore highlight the conflicts between the right of free expression and competing considerations such as equality, privacy, individual dignity, and social order. Similar conflicts between the individual and the state about religion will also be examined, as will rights related to the family such as non-traditional forms of marriage and family planning, if time permits. Emphasis will be on law of the USA and western Europe as modified by treaties. The final exam will be held on 6/22/13. (Program dates May 27-June 22, 2013)

Note: Class meets MTWTH & F - 10:30-11:50am