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Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

Workers Rights Clinic II (LWVL585)

Instructor(s): Michael Gaitley

1 credit(s), H/P/L/F Graded
Requirement(s): Experiential
Concentration(s): Employment and Labor Law

In cooperation with San Francisco’s Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, the Workers’ Rights Clinic trains law students in practical skills in employment and labor law, while providing free legal advice to low-income workers in San Diego County. Class includes instruction in labor and employment law, followed by on-site client interviews and advice. Interns, along with the supervising attorney, analyze the client’s situation, identify legal issues and determine what remedies the client might pursue. Students then discuss the findings with the client, who has the option of returning for further advice. Students may also have an opportunity to represent clients in Unemployment Insurance hearings in administrative court. The clinic is graded on a 4-tier Pass-Fail basis.  The spring clinic is for continuing students.