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Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

Bus Transactions in the People's Republic of China (LWBC546)

Instructor(s): Ralph Folsom

3 credit(s), Letter Graded
Requirement(s): Writing
Concentration(s): International Law, LLM in International Law, Business and Corporate Law, LLM in Business and Corporate Law

This course focuses on inbound and outbound sales, licensing and foreign investment transactions related to the PRC, including negotiations, regulations,dispute settlement and the law, legal system and politics of the PRC and Hong Kong SAR. A research paper suitable for the Law School's writing requirement is mandatory.

Business Planning (LWBC520)

Instructor(s): Dennis Doucette

2 credit(s), Letter Graded
Requirement(s): Writing OR Experiential
Concentration(s): Business and Corporate Law, LLM in Business and Corporate Law
Prerequisite(s): Tax I, Corporations

This seminar combines advance work in Corporations, Federal and State Securities laws, and Federal Taxation in the context of business planning and counseling. The course is based upon a series of problems involving common business transactions which present corporate securities law and tax issues for analysis, and resolution. The problems cover such topics as factors in the decision to incorporate; the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations, both closely held and publicly owned; securities law considerations in raising capital; corporate distributions; the sale and purchase of businesses; mergers and other forms of acquisition; and recapitalization, division, and dissolution of corporations.