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Fall 2018 Class Descriptions

Bankruptcy (LWBC510)

Instructor(s): Mary Jo Wiggins

3 credit(s), Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Business and Corporate Law, LLM in Business and Corporate Law
Recommended Class(es): UCC: Secured Transactions

This course will provide an detailed examination of the liquidation and reorganization dynamics in both corporate and consumer cases under the Bankruptcy Code, and the effects of bankruptcy on non-bankruptcy debtor-creditor law, corporate workouts, and a variety of pre-bankruptcy transactions. The objective of this course is to give students a working knowledge of the Code and associated rules, cases and history; an understanding of the policies reflected in and relevant to bankruptcy law and non-bankruptcy debtor-creditor law; and an appreciation of the reality of modern bankruptcy practice. There are no course prerequisites. The course grade will be based on a traditional final exam and possibly a midterm.

Bus Transactions in Emerging Markets (LWBC512)

Instructor(s): Frederick Heller

2 credit(s), Letter Graded
Concentration(s): International Law, Business and Corporate Law, LLM in International Law, LLM in Business and Corporate Law
Recommended Class(es): International Business Transactions , International Trade & Investment

International lawyers face difficult challenges when their clients transact business in emerging markets. While local legal systems—including the courts and regulators—pose a range of distinct problems, problems also frequently arise outside of the legal systems—from the political, economic, financial and cultural dynamics of the emerging markets. Students will first explore the attributes that define emerging markets and how they differ from developed markets. Using what they learn about emerging markets, students will identify challenges that impact a business transaction in an emerging market. Students will then study illustrative real-life emerging market transactions, including legal documents, and propose ways to meet emerging market challenges through provisions in legal documents and other means. The goal of the course is to provide students with the tools to assist clients in emerging market business transactions.