Marcel Saucet

Marcel Saucet
Office: Guadalupe Hall 103

Karin Spidel
(619) 260-2962

Visiting Professor of Law

  • PhD, 2007, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • MA, 2003, Management and Marketing Research, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • MA, 2002, Economics and Management, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • BA, 2001, University of Nice-Sophia

Professional Experience

Saucet has taught courses at the Chamber of Commerce of Paris, University of Southern California, University of Miami, University of California-Berkeley, and universities in France, Tunisia, England, Senegal, Belgium and India. He wrote a Harvard Business School case study, and presents it at Harvard University. He is a senior partner with Les Consultants Associés, France, where he consults clients in all areas of sale problems and solutions, innovation and marketing, creativity, brand analysis, media and e-communication, guerilla and street marketing, and e-learning. Previously, Saucet was the sales and marketing manager for an international cosmetics company, La Cosmétologie Appliquée.

Professor Saucet teaches in the area of intellectual property, business and Illegality and Street Marketing™.

Scholarly Work

Street Marketing, guerrilla marketing actions in the Street (ABC CLIO Edition, forthcoming 2015); La marque chez le psy (Les Éditions Diateino, 2015); “The Secret Lives of Unconventional Campaigns: Street Marketing on the Fringe” in 1 Journal of Marketing (with Cova) (2015); “Taryn Rose Launches Dresr: Street Marketing a Luxury Brand” in Harvard Business Review (with Goldberg, and Snively) (2014); Street Marketing?, objets connectés (Les Éditions Diateino, 2014); Le street marketing: une pratique non règlementaire? Décisions Marketing (with Cova) (January 2014); “Marketing non convenzionali, notizie e futuro della ricerca” (under review at Micro & Macro Marketing) in Euromed (with Cova) (2013); Street Marketing? (Les Éditions Diateino, 2013); “Unconventional Marketing: from Guerrilla to Consumer Made” in Routledge Companion on The Future of Marketing (with Cova) (Routledge, 2013); and “Preface” in La marque sur le divan (Tomasella, ed.) (LCA Edition, 2012).