Kyoto Prize Symposium

Drop Shadow

University of San Diego will host the Annual Kyoto Prize Symposium

Featuring the 2015 Arts and Philosophy Kyoto Prize Laureate

Mr. John Neumeier
The American-born master choreographer of Germany's Hamburg Ballet

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Shiley Theatre, Camino Hall, 10:30 a.m. – noon

Free admission

John Neumeier is a world-leading choreographer who specializes in applying traditional ballet technique and vocabulary to maximize the potential for bodily expression and capture the details of human psychology. He has gradually combined the essence of two genres, dramatic ballet and abstract ballet, thereby raising the art to a new level.

Ballets choreographed by Mr. Neumeier depict complex human psychology in the most sophisticated manner. He has never been content to merely absorb the classical traditions, but draws from traditional ballet techniques to establish his own unique art.

During his Kyoto Prize Symposium presentation, Mr. Neumeier will enlighten the audience with commentary and beautiful performances by four of his most extraordinary dancers.