Jenny Craig Pavilion

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Policies and Procedures

Facility Description

The Jenny Craig Pavilion is a 17 million dollar, 101,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building. The University of San Diego uses the Pavilion for intercollegiate sports, general recreation, classes and a variety of other entertainment events. The Fitness Center, Warren Hospitality Room, volleyball and basketball courts are located in and around the 5,000 seat arena. All recreational and entertainment facilities within the Jenny Craig Pavilion have been designed to accommodate persons with disabilities.

General Information

University of San Diego, students, faculty and staff and their spouses are invited to use the facilities in the JCP. In order to use any of these facilities, users must present a valid University of San Diego ID card or a facilities usage pass. The ID cards can be obtained from the Campus Card Office located in the bookstore. The Facilities usage pass can be obtained from the JCP or the Sports Center. Children of students and employees may use the JCP Facilities, if they have reached their 18th birthday, but must present a valid ID as well as a Facilities Usage Pass.

Please note that all recreational facilities in the Jenny Craig Pavilion may be closed on University recognized holidays, during academic breaks and whenever there is a ticketed or special event. Please check with the administrative offices in the JCP about times and dates.

Tours of the Jenny Craig Pavilion

Please call Josh Lawrence or Branda Cook (619) 260-7550 to schedule facility tours.